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Duet Display: Turn Your iPad Into Lag-Free Second Screen For Mac

duet display lag-free second screen

With its spacious 9.7″ high-resolution display, the bigger iPads are perfectly suited to act as the second screen for your Mac. Duet Display promises to convert your iPad, and even your iPhone, into a lag-free second screen using a USB cable.

duet display lag-free second screen

The iPad is an excellent tablet. I bought the iPad mini with Retina Display, and I use it on an almost daily basis. Once I do upgrade to a newer iPad mini a few years down the line, I know my old iPad will still have some utility, as – thanks to its crisp, high-resolution display – it can act as a second, or even third monitor.

Solutions for converting iPad / iPhone into a secondary display have existed for quite some time now. However, they do not work reliably, and are lag-prone since they usually work over WiFi.

Duet Display for Mac OS X, iPad and iPhone changes that. It claims it can turn your iPad into a lag-free second screen. Duet Display has the technology behind it too, as instead of using WiFi for transmitting screen updates, it uses much faster, and more reliable USB connection. It works over both the legacy 30-pin connector, as well as the Lightning connector introduced with iPhone 5 / iPad with Retina Display.

Duet Display works for all iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.1.1+ or later. Theoretically, that means you can use your clunky old iPhone 3G as a second screen, too. On the desktop side of things, it only supports OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later.

You can see Duet Display in action in the video embedded below:

We have not tested it yet as Duet Display actually has not been launched yet. They have been running a closed beta program for some time now, though. Stay tuned to CupertinoTimes or – if you want to hear it straight from the developers – the official website from the link at the bottom of this post.

Download Duet Display [Official Website]

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