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Dubset Makes Deal With Apple Music


Apple recently announced a new partnership with Dubset Media Holdings! Through this partnership, Apple Music is going to be able to stream a number of remixes of songs created by DJs. These will be based on original recordings which were not available to artists due to copyright issues. Because of this Apple Music is going to be the first music streaming service which is going to male these tracks accessible to the people.

Dubset is now going to use MixBank, a technology which is able to analyze remixes and DJ mixes so that existing recordings used by artists can be identified. This technology is going to be used to pay the necessary holders of rights to the songs. Consequently, the mixed tracks will be distributed via Apple Music. Such processes may take almost 15 minutes for an hour long recording.

Because of the rise in popularity of EDM there is now a marked increase in the number and volume of user generated remixes as well as mash-ups and DJ made mixes. The licensing of remixes is a very complex matter as even one mix may include almost 600 stakeholders, So Mr Stephen White says that a typical kind of mix may have almost 30 songs and these songs may then require us to pay 30 record labels and two or ten publishers for each single track. So through Dubset this has been made extremely simple! The rights holder can also take an optional review to give their feedback on the whole process in the end.

This partnership between Dubset and Apple Music is going to be highly beneficial. It will now bring underground tracks and songs to the forefront by bringing them to Apple Music. Through Apple Music then these songs will be taken to “all 400 distributors worldwide” in the near future according to White.

Dubset is now in the process of making deals with almost 14,000 labels as well as publishers of music.

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