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DRONE X PRO Ups the Standard with Innovation Plus Spectacular Features

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Either for business or for pleasure, drones now are surely the hype. From capturing tear-jerking wedding celebrations to your fun-filled summer vacation on air, this revolutionary gadget is surely able to deliver satisfaction to its customers. It’s natural for a variety of designs and specifications to be offered widely in the market. Now, trying to choose the one with the best features yet reasonably priced becomes a challenge. To ease your search process, you can consider comparing different drones at Dronelitic.

Let’s imagine this; a drone that brings a sleek design that is easy to carry, a camera that provides crystal clear sharp images and you can buy it without putting a dent in your bank account. The drone was designed to be compact yet durable and helps anyone that wants to turn their amateur shots into professional ones.

It’s time to stop imagining and let me introduce you to its distinctive features, I collected from some authentic Drone X Pro Reviews online.

Distinctive Features in Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro was designed to make images and videos turn into a masterpiece with its 0.3MP 1200 of the wide-angle camera for pictures and outstanding videos with 2MP 720p full resolution. With its compact design, it wouldn’t take you more than 30 seconds to set it up. After unboxing it and installing the required application on your phone, just plug in the battery and start the app to connect the drone. It will now start to fly within your command in seconds.

Below are the complete specifications:

• It makes use of 2.4HGz radio frequency

• It has a built-in Wi-Fi FPV

• The Drone X Pro is installed with 3.7V 500mAH Lipo battery (which you can charge for an hour and 10 minutes and the drone can fly at an average of 12 minutes)

• A single SD card slot is available

• 6-axis of gyroscope for easy navigation

• For a clearer FPV, the distance recommended is 50 meters (It can still be controlled from 80 to 100-meter radius

• It has two LED lights

• Controlling the Drone X Pro can be easily done through iPhone or Android phones via the JY UF application.

• The size of the drone when fully operational is 27 x 19.5 x 5cm and when the propellers are folded it’s 12.5 x 7.5 x 5cm.

• When it is in its package box, the size measurement is 5 x 16 x 7 cm

• Drone X Pro is only weighed 360 grams

In addition to the abovementioned quick specifications, the Drone X Pro is competitive in the drone market since it can reach up to 150 feet from the ground level and you still have total control over it. Compared with general drones that can only go up to 50 feet, Drone X Pro will totally make it more interesting for you.


Drone X Pro is really making a huge difference and setting up standards for other drones to up its game. The Drone X Pro was able to provide solutions for drone enthusiasts who are looking for something that they could carry effortlessly anywhere they go and could be their partner in getting spectacular shots and videos.  This innovative drone will surely make you enjoy exploring the world more.

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