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Drawing Ideas on iPad

Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas

I came across this app on its first day in the App store and I was impressed so I thought I’d check it out and take a closer look.  Drawing Ideas by Ivan Lubomirov is just that, a ton of drawing ideas and lessons in a single app and it’s free.  I have always been challenged in this area so I was curious and thought I’d download it and check it out. 

Pretty robust for a free app.  You can access more than 1500 things to draw.  There are a lot of kid related images here.  TV characters, Anime but also famous people, places, things, tattoo art and more.  As soon as my five-year-old saw some of her favorite characters it has been a struggle getting my iPad back.

Once you access a drawing you’d like to master you scroll to the right for each sequential step in the lesson until completion.  There are a lot of step-by-step tutorials or lessons included in this app.  You can also buy diamonds at 100 diamonds per .99 which you use as in-app currency to buy additional image tutorials.  Each additional image lesson costs about 10 diamonds, that’s about 10 additional images for a buck.  Not a bad value.

A Stylus

There is an on-screen drawing mode so you can draw on your device screen. Included brushes, eraser, undo, transparency tool, Zoom and Pan provide more options. For drawing on the screen, I would recommend a stylus.  These can get expensive so shop.  I found this MEKO(TM) 2 Pcs [2 in 1]  on Amazon that looks like it can deliver enough precision for my needs and my daughter. It provides 2 styluses which is great since we will likely lose one.  It also includes 4 additional disc tips and 2 extra fiber tips. This stylus is reasonably priced at $9.99.

I imagine the iPad Pro, an Apple Pen, and this App would make a nice combination, but that’s way out of my budget so I’ll stick with my earlier recommendation.


Once your illustration is done you can Share, Print, Save, assign to a contact and more.  This app has everything you need to learn to draw.  Even if you never become a master you will have hours of fun with this app.

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