Dr Dre to star in Apple Music’s “Vital Signs”

Dr Dre

Apple is getting ready to produce original content as done in the past by the likes of HBO, Netflix and Amazon. The TV show is going to star Dr Dre. The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Friday that Apple was getting ready to launch TV shows starring one of its executives, namely Dr. Dre who will also be producing all six episodes of the program. The program will be delivered through their subscription service, Apple Music. It is yet unknown if the show will be available through their iTunes platform.

In the past, Apple has gotten involved in providing content with projects like its Beats 1 radio station but this may be the culmination of rumors flying that they intend to produce exclusive TV shows for their subscription platforms. Both Netflix and Amazon have gone down this route with very promising results. With the current industry trends leaning this way it can be speculated that a multi-skilled giant like Apple will not be far behind. Media executives have noted to the public that a cable service is a real project within Apple. In some form or another, the idea of an Apple cable service has surfaced time and again with no real results. Reports from other sources have hinted at Apple’s interest in buying Time Warner. Acquiring such a media giant would certainly give them a sizable head start.

The program will feature half-hour long episodes and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it is set to be presented as a “dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex.” Filming on the project is said to be happening as we speak with “extended orgy scene” that has been shot just this week. After filming is complete we could expect all the episodes to be released for viewing simultaneously.

In 2014, Dr. Dre had become an executive at Apple when they acquired his business along with the Beats Music service. Since then the company has debut their own subscription music service alongside the Beats 1 radio station, on which Dr. Dre even has a weekly program.

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