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Comprehensive Guide to Download Videos from Twitter on iPhone & iPad

Download Videos

Download Videos from Twitter

If you want to download videos from Twitter to your iPhone for keepsakes or sharing with your friends who aren’t on Twitter, you’ve come to the right place. Despite the restriction placed on this social network, there is actually a workaround to deal with this issue. What’s more, you don’t even have to jailbreak your device as it can be done by making use of a free app on the App Store.

Unlike other apps that overly claim to download Twitter videos, the app I’m going to show you in this tutorial literally has the ability to save files from direct URLs. Therefore, it is unlikely to be removed from the store anytime soon.

Actually, you can find several apps offering this features on the App Store. There is even an online service named twitter video downloader. But in this tutorial, I’ll use my favorite app called “Documents 6”. It’s free to install and seems to offer the best experience for me when it comes to saving files for offline use.

How to download Twitter videos to iPhone

First off, you need to install the Documents app.

Once you’ve downloaded Documents 6, just launch the app and you’ll find that it has a built-in web browser. What differentiates its web browser from Safari or Chrome is the ability to save any file from the Internet, just paste the file URL in the address bar and it will allow you to save the file locally.

I’ll show you how to take advantage of this feature to download videos from Twitter and save them to your Camera Roll.

Step 1: Launch the Twitter app, find the tweet you want to save the video from, then tap on tap on the arrow button in the top-right corner and select “Share Tweet via…”. This will bring up the Share sheets. Now select “Copy Link to the Tweet”.

Download Videos

Step 2: Launch the Documents app. As mentioned earlier, Documents has a built-in web browser for surfing the internet. Open it by tapping on the icon that resembles the Safari icon in the bottom right corner.

Download Videos

Step 3: Go to using this browser. This website†is the helper tool that will help you generate the download link from your copied URL. Once the site loads, paste the URL in the white box and tap “Download Video”.

Download Videos

Step 4: The website will reload and show you the download link at the bottom of the page. Tap on the download link then you’ll see a save dialogue box. Feel free to rename the file and select Save.

Step 5: Your video will now start to download. You can view its progress by tapping on the downwards arrow icon at the bottom of the browser. Once the video has been downloaded successfully, you’ll see it in the Downloads folder.

Step 6: Now you’re able to watch your video offline but it’s only available in the Documents app’s local storage. To save your downloaded video to the Photos app (Camera Rolls), just move it to the Photo Albums folder. You can now just head to the Photos app and enjoy it.

Download Videos


Author: Julie Edge
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