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Download TOP 9 Helpful Apps Before You Go

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Taking a Vacation by Car? Try These Helpful Apps

Your cellphone and computer are very popular in our days. You cannot move even an inch without your helpful gadgets, more so that your smartphone combines functions of a cellphone and a computer. It has become a multifunctional device you can easily carry in your pocket and use every time you need help. What kind of help? Any help! Thus, traveling to another state or country you can use Rental24h app from your smartphone to pick a car beforehand and get the cheapest price for online payment. Traditionally, Booking will help you to find a place to stay. Actually, your smartphone can help you to find a place to eat, fuel your car, drink coffee, shop, or wash your clothes. Let’s learn more about it!

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1. Maps Me

A city map is what you really need when you go traveling or just try to find a new place in your city. Do you have a traditional paper map? Honestly, modern people don’t use paper maps anymore. They prefer searching for the right way with the help of their gadgets. Of course, you probably need internet access to use Google Maps or something. Don’t worry about it! Maps Me is an autonomous application that helps you to use an online map without internet. Also, you can make notes and share your coordinates.

2. Rental24h com

Looking for a reliable and comfortable service to book a car, pay attention to Rental24h. Take your chance to hire an auto from whenever you are. More than 1000 car brands and about 20 000 rental spots in major cities are available from your phone. What are the advantages? This app not only helps you in picking the right car at your location according to the given price but can be a good assistant in picking the car by color, size, configuration. You can learn everything you should know about fuel options and possible penalties. Leave no detail to chance!

3. Roomer App

It is not a secret that early booking can be very helpful in getting the cheapest room. Isn’t it a good opportunity to save on booking a hotel? Try to use Roomer to make this process easier. This application helps to book and prepay for the room, or even find a free room. Also, you can rent your room to others if your flight was canceled and you don’t want to lose money on refunding. All you need is to read announcements and respond to the most attractive proposal in time.

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4. XE Currency

There are many helpful conversion apps for your smartphone, but XE is worth your attention the most. What makes it so special? Choose any currency like dollars, pesos, anything and you can have the convert right now. The app works quickly and easy. You don’t need an internet connection to convert. Just don’t forget to download rates when selecting the currency for the first time.

5. GasBuddy

Want to fuel your car? You can find a solution even if you forgot to ask about the nearest gas station at the rental counter. This gas app will help you to find the nearest station on your way to fuel up. Also, you can learn about the local prices and other services available on your way like car wash and inspection. GasBuddy is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. You don’t need money to download and use it.

6. Field Trip

Building up a trip plan can be often difficult and time taking. Stop wasting time and use Field Trip. This application can help you to find all the interesting places to visit at your location. To make things go faster, you can use voice helper to focus on your driving. The app is available in many different languages so that you will never have communication problems.

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7. Triposo

Planning your trip step by step you can trust to Triposo. This app helps you to search for information from different informational sources like Wikitravel, Wikipedia, and others and turn it into a useful travel guide according to your request and interest. So, you will always have the exhaustive information about hotels, cafes, attractions, hotels by clicking your smartphone.

8. Find Car

This app will be helpful for all driving travelers. First, you spend much time to find a good parking place not far from the restaurant. Later, you waste some time to find the place when you left it. Don’t worry about your time. You can use the Find Car app. Just look at your smartphone and follow the map of how to get to your car. Don’t worry if you can’t find your car in the huge parking lot! It is not a problem anymore.

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9. iExit

iExit looks like a full guide on where to go, what to eat, and what to do during your vacation. Do you want to find a special place for dinner? Here you are! Are you trying to park your car for free? No problems! iExit will show you the way and give a detailed description of that place.

As you can see, all of these apps are helpful and complement one another. Don’t panic! Just pick a couple of them to use on your way. Think about it and make your choice, based on your trip character and budget. If it seems to be that you need all of these apps, download them all! They don’t take much space on your smartphone and they are easy to carry in your pocket!

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