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How To Download SoundCloud Songs From iPhone & iPad

download soundcloud songs from iphone

iPhone & iPad users who use Soundcloud and 8tracks for listening to and discovering new music can now use MusicEnhancer to download Soundcloud songs from iPhone / iOS directly. Check it out after the title image.

musicenhancer download soundcloud songs from iphone ipad

Soundcloud is an excellent resource for listening to music, and as a source for finding new music. I prefer Spotify myself for these purposes, but then again both do indeed serve slightly different purposes for both artists and fans of their music. Soundcloud is oriented towards independent, small scale artists looking to market their music, while Spotify is for all kinds of artists, labels, etc. and has formal licensing processes.

Anyhow, as a result of its open policy of letting anyone upload music, you can actually find a lot of free music on Soundcloud that you would have to buy elsewhere. Soundcloud has systems in place to detect copyrighted tracks, but users keep finding ways of circumventing them.

download soundcloud songs from iphone

If you use Soundcloud for listening to paid music for free, and you wish to download that music to your smartphone or tablet, your best bet is to jailbreak your iOS device, and install an app like MusicEnhancer.

MusicEnhancer is a jailbreak-only app which allows you to directly download Soundcloud songs from iPhone and iPad. Said songs can be opened / imported into the stock Music app so you can listen to the downloaded songs just like your other songs. If you prefer, you can listen to them from within MusicEnhancer. You can also use MusicEnhancer to download songs from 8tracks playlists.

All in all, it is a pretty solid solution for downloading Soundcloud and 8track songs directly to your iPhone and iPad. It is definitely better than using your laptop to download Soundcloud songs, and then using iTunes to transfer them.

MusicEnhancer is available as a $1.99 download from Cydia under the BigBoss repo. It comes as a recommended solution, based on numerous online reports.

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