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Download Scanbot App Free For Christmas As A Limited Time Offer

download scanbot app free pro discount

Scanbot is one of the most popular scanning apps for iPhone & iPad. You can temporarily download Scanbot app free for a limited time, as part of their Christmas special.

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There are a lot of high quality scanning apps for iPhone and iPad available on the App Store. CamScanner, TurboScan, Evernote’s built-in scanning features, countless other apps, and – my current favorite – Scanbot. All of them perform well; they differentiate from one another on basis of their balance of extra features, and an eye-catching user interface. Scanbot offers an excellent combination of both!

On top of high quality scans, Scanbot allows you to quickly upload scans in the form of PDF, JPEGs, PNGs to connected online storage services like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Evernote,, and more. You can do this manually after each upload, or you can set it up to upload scans automatically as soon as you take them. It is one less step to take care of when you are digitizing your paper documents. It all adds up to a more seamless experience over time.

The second most impressive feature is how gorgeous it looks in use. It makes bold use of red color, employs playful animations, and ear-catching sound bites, and is spot on with the fonts it uses throughout the interface.

download scanbot app free pro discount

I bought several months ago. It works extremely well on my iPad mini 2, but does occasionally crash on my withering iPhone 4S when putting together dozens of scans in a single row.

Scanbot app free is a no-brainer! The Pro version of the app – which offers smart file-naming, document editing (signing!), searching within scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and fun themes – still costs up to $4.99.

However, existing Pro users can gift a free ‘Scanbot Pro’ to anyone. Additionally, if you have the standard version, you can share a 60% discount coupon of the Pro version with friends too!

Download Scanbot App Free [iTunes App Store Link]

I have a special Christmas coupon of Scanbot Pro available with me. If you are interested, tweet me @waisybabu! First come, first serve!

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