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Download PlayBox HD On App Store Right Now!

PlayBox HD

In the past, we have seen many many apps similar to PopcornTime taken down by Apple. There was MovieBox, Cloud Movies, and PlayBox HD which came on the scene with a bang and then just as quickly vanished. The policies of the App Store have to the dismay of many kept apps which offer free movies off the Store. But PlayBox has somehow slipped through the cracks and is available on the App Store. Learn how to Download PlayBox HD on App Store after the title image.

PlayBox HD

We along with many others have been talking about PlayBox for a while now but what is newsworthy is you being able to download PlayBox HD on App Store. On the face of it PlayBox is a legit app and that might be why it has not been taken down. It may only be temporary but that is nothing new. Opening PlayBox HD after downloading it on your iOS device you are presented with a list of tiles each of which has a poster and name of a movie. This interface is the same for all comparable apps and seems to be an accepted way to do things. Tap on a tile to select the movie you wish to watch this will take you to a screen containing the details, rating, and trailers for that movie. Also at this stage is a button that says ‘Buy’.

However, this isn’t all or we wouldn’t be covering this app. There is a way to get the option to stream or download the movie and this option will replace the option to ‘Buy’. To do this just download the app from the App Store (currently not available in the US) and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings in the app.

Step 2: Tap Contact Us. A window will appear that will have some device codes already in the message. Don’t delete these codes! This email is used to send an activation request to the developer.

Step 3: Within 24 hours activation will be completed and you will see a pop-up in your app.

Now you can use the app to stream or download movies for free. As PlayBox HD is actually infringing copyrights and Apple will find it out sooner or later we will advise you to download and use it while you can. Obviously, we don’t endorse this but using it is up to you.

Read whether such apps are legal or not after you download PlayBox HD on App Store.

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