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Download MovieBox 3.3: Improved iPhone 6 Support & Bugfixes


MovieBox has been updated again, folks! MovieBox 3.3 brings bugfixes to improve your overall watching experience. Learn how to download MovieBox 3.3 without jailbreak for your iPhone and iPad on any version of iOS 8, particularly on iOS 8.2 (latest iOS, as of typing).

moviebox 3.3 splash screen

While I have switched to streaming services for listening to music, I have not yet grown so comfortable for doing the same for movies. There is just something about making a lean collection that sits in your hard drive that is under your control. To that extent, I do not use movie and TV show streaming services like Netflix, or Hulu Plus. I (legally) download movies, and keep them on my hard drive. I find comfort in the fact that the movies can be watched any time, any place without any dependence on internet connectivity.

Still, I know how much our readers like Netflix / Popcorn Time alternative for iPhones. The most popular one by far is MovieBox (latest: MovieBox 3.3) followed by the likes of PlayBox HD, and Cloud Movies. All these apps allow you to stream movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, documentaries and more directly to your iPhone and iPad.

The problem with MovieBox 3.3 and its ilk, however, is how unstable they are. Owing to their fuzzy legality, Apple does not allow these apps in the App Store (except when they make it through temporarily); users have to side-load them through other means. Websites like Pyger and vShare allow you to side-load iOS apps through Safari.

MovieBox 3.3 is no different. The latest version of MovieBox comes with numerous bugfixes that will definitely result in an overall improvement to your movie and TV show watching experience.

moviebox 3.3 vshare

How to download MovieBox 3.3? The method is exactly the same as the one we did on how to download MovieBox on iOS 8.2, so go ahead and do that! You download vShare first, and then use vShare to download MovieBox 3.3 from there. No hassle. Confirmed working on iPad and iPhone.

We will be keeping a close eye on MovieBox, and of course will let you know whenever there is an important update. Happy streaming!

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