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Download iPad Air 2 Wallpapers For Your Device [Update]

ipad air 2 wallpaper

When Apple announced the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 on stage a few days ago, one of the things people noticed immediately was the lovely new wallpapers. We have found one of the iPad Air 2 wallpapers; download it after the jump for your iPhone 6 or current iPad!

Update: We have added high-resolution iPad Air 2 wallpapers. See them below for iPhone 6 and Retina iPad displays (iPad 3 and onwards), respectively.

I am a big fan of good-looking wallpapers myself. It is not a nice habit, but I genuinely cringe when I spot people using blurry selfies or family photos as their wallpapers. Sure, they probably have a nicer social life, but a nice looking homescreen is more important, right?

Anyhow, the new iPad Air 2 wallpaper is absolutely stunning. It meets most of the characteristics of an excellent wallpaper: it is not overcrowded, it has nice colors, and most of all, it is just composed beautifully. The mountains at the bottom, and nothing but the sky above it. It captures nature’s beauty quite well!

With that out of the way, go ahead and download it from the image pasted below. If you are on an iPhone or an iPad, just tap and hold on the image, and then select ‘Save Image’ (or Save to Camera Roll) to get it there. Then, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose A New Wallpaper, and then select the image you just downloaded from your Camera Roll / Recently Added album.

iPad Air 2 Wallpaper for iPhone 6:

ipad air 2 wallpaper of mountain for iphone 6

 iPad Air 2 Wallpaper for Retina iPads:

ipad air 2 wallpaper high resolution

These wallpapers aren’t exactly as a sharp or high-resolution as the actual iPad Air 2 wallpaper will be when we gets hands on that, but it will work for now on any iPhone or Android smartphone with similar display resolution. We will be sure to share the original wallpaper file when the iPad Air 2 releases and someone uploads the wallpaper online. I am quite happy with my iPad mini 2 (it’s just the iPad mini 3 without Touch ID), and as such have no intentions of moving up to the iPad Air 2.

Thanks to @GrimLock38 on Twitter for the wallpapers.

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