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Don’t Miss These 4 Factors While Selecting An Oil Skimmer!

Oil Skimmer

It doesn’t matter if your industrial facility uses coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear, or hydroelectric fuels. Petroleum-based products such as fuel and hydraulic fluid are crucial to any industry’s optimal functioning.

Over the years, industry owners have realized the several benefits of oil skimmers. These include reducing staffing and operational costs, reducing waste oil disposal costs, and doing away with various chemicals and filtration processes.

There are many kinds of oil skimmers available on the market. As a power plant owner, you must choose an oil skimmer to fulfill your facility’s requirements.

So what factors should you keep in mind? Let’s have a look!

4 Factors To Select The Best Oil Skimmer

Vertical lift

An oil skimmer should be able to reach oily water when it is required. Drainage pits and sumps can be up to 100 feet below the plant’s structure, making it tricky to inspect, adjust, or maintain the skimming parts.

These problems can be eliminated or reduced by selecting an oil skimmer with a vertical lift option.

Water level adaptability

The level of oily water in a sump or a pit can fluctuate greatly, making it challenging to apply absorbent media or work on a slotted pipeline.

Untreated water can overflow into other parts of the plant and can cause operational problems. This issue can be eliminated by choosing an oil skimmer capable of easily adapting to changing water levels.

Removal Guarantee

Many skimmers can remove thick layers of oil without drawing in water. However, not all skimmers can remove thin sheens of oil. You can also consider filter socks for effective oil sheen removal.

It is crucial to select an oil skimmer capable of removing various amounts of oil in different concentrations. This will help reduce or eliminate the requirement for an extra filtration apparatus.

Continuous operation

It is important that the oil skimmer you select can maneuver around floating debris in your plant’s drainage network. Some skimmers are unable to perform well when there is debris present.

This can lead to increased maintenance costs and reduced operational efficiency. Some skimmers can work well with debris and prevent clogging. This ensures continuous operation and a positive impact on your facility’s overall output.

Mistakes To Avoid With An Oil Skimmer

Skimmer Under-sizing

It is a common notion that small-sized skimmers can help you save money, based on the gallons per hour skimming capacity.

This is a myth.

A mini or small skimmer isn’t good in skimming than an industrial-sized one for oil skimming. Not the best bang for your buck, in our opinion.

Incorrect Placement

It is crucial to plan!

So, you must know if the oil is actually collected in your daily operations before you spend money on concrete pads and mounting equipment. To be as efficient as possible, ensure that your oil skimmer is placed opposite the inflow.

Also, make sure that the tail pulley lies 2 inches underneath the liquid’s surface.

Buying a Complex Solution

Ultra-filtration systems are often less effective than oil skimming in several applications. Often, large and complex systems designed to get rid of oil problems won’t give the best results.

Not Discussing Everything With Your Vendor

Many factors go into choosing the best oil skimmer to fit your application. Your vendor may not be aware of the chemicals and heat used every day at your facility.

If this happens, the wrong oil filter and belt equipment might be used. This could cause problems and make it impossible to complete the operations as desired.

Mistake In Choosing The Materials

When choosing the right tube or belt material to fit your oil skimmer, there are many things you should consider. Some plastics are not strong enough to withstand heat and chemicals. Some metal belts won’t skim coolants perfectly.

Floating oils aren’t picked up properly by smooth belts. Some plastic belts are not able to withstand heat, while others will.

Final Word

A good oil skimmer can make or break your plant’s productivity. So, you must choose it wisely. We’re sure that the above-stated tips would help!

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