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Does Spectrum Slow Down Your Internet?

Network Throttling

Several things can cause a sluggish internet connection. There is a possibility that your router may be outdated or wrongly positioned, a possible malware attack slowing down your system, a certain internet compatible device not working properly, perhaps bad weather, but if none of these seem to be a problem, then maybe the fault is not at your end. Then why is your internet slowing down, you ask? Well, it is probably your internet service provider intentionally withholding the internet speed. In other words, the slower internet can be a result of network throttling. 

Network throttling refers to the intentional slowing of the internet speed by an ISP, says Spectrum in our case. This is usually a response to handling unexpected network congestion. Therefore, providers use throttling to reduce bandwidth congestion. It is best to test your internet speeds to stay updated on the current network speeds you are experiencing. 

If you are a Spectrum user confronting speed slowdowns and doubt that it is due to throttling, you have landed in the right place. This guide has all the information you require to bypass the Spectrum throttling. Also, rest assured that Spectrum offers a top-notch customer support service to its customers round the clock. You can always visit to report the problem and get real-time assistance. So do not fret. Having said that, now let’s have a closer look to figure out if Spectrum is slowing down your internet. 

Does Spectrum throttle Your Connection?

In all honesty, the citizens of the USA seem to be facing throttling issues frequently as the number of users continues to spike. It is not a new concept rather ISPs have been doing it in the past too. 

Spectrum is one of the largest telecom providers in the region and enjoys a good repute in the market. With millions of users across America, Spectrum may throttle data when you are torrenting or streaming. These are often the two prime reasons when ISPs might throttle the network. 

Here is a truth bomb. Whenever you connect to the internet to browse, stream or play a game, for instance, the device corresponds to the hosting site’s server. Thus your ISP can pretty much track down your online activities and see what you are doing online. Based on that, ISPs decide if they should slow down your connection. Spectrum can low down your internet speed for any online activity involving heavy data usage. 

How to Stop Spectrum Throttling?

If your Spectrum internet speed seems to be slowing down, do not worry. You can prevent this from happening by using a VP on your device.  A VPN operates by masking your real IP address and online identity. This is just what is needed for you to bypass any throttling issues. VPNs use the encryption process for assuring maximum online privacy. The encrypted data is no longer readable by the ISP. 

Here is the fun part. As soon as you connect the VON, your ISP might find it out but it will not be able to view your online activities. Hence, Spectrum cannot throttle your connection without having information about your current online activities. Voila, you have saved yourself from being a target of Spectrum throttling.

How can VPNs help in this Regard?

In order to steer away from any speed slowdowns imposed by Spectrum, all you got to do is follow some quick steps and get a reliable VPN to keep you protected. These steps include:

  • Choose and subscribe to a good-quality VPN service. 
  • Sign up and create a VPN account
  • Now, you can download the VPN app on the device you are using. 
  • Next, log in to the account. 
  • Choose the nearest server and click to connect. 

That’s it! Hopefully, Spectrum will be unable to throttle your connection now. 

Best VPNs to Consider 

Many reliable and good-performance VPNs are available in the market. You can either get a free VPN or a paid one. Not all of them can serve the purpose of stopping Spectrum throttling. While choosing a good VPN for this sake, you must check their speed and encryption policy, server size, streaming capacity, etc. 

The best three recommended VPNs to help prevent Spectrum from slowing your internet speeds include:

  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  • ExpressVPN

The aforementioned VPNs come with advanced cyber security features and are compatible with all the commonly used devices. They also have exceptional customer support and offer reliable speeds. Some can be a bit expensive but can surely prove to be a good investment when it comes to robust security and zero log policy. 

The Bottom Line

ISP throttling is a common issue these days. One of the best ways to bypass Spectrum throttling is by using a good-quality VPN. Once you have a VON installed on your device, Spectrum cannot track your online activities and therefore cannot slow down your connection. Problem solved

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