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Do You Need Help Dealing With Roof Problems?

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The roof is crucial to the general appearance of a house. This is not merely for esthetics but also for commercial reasons. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market, your roof must look impeccable. This is because a roof that looks uncared for will negatively impact a prospective buyer’s opinion of your house, potentially losing you a lucrative sale opportunity. Even if you’re not planning on putting your property on the market, having a well-cared-for roof is a good investment.

James Kate Construction: Roofing, Painting, & Windows is a company that can help you avoid such roof issues that can misrepresent your house, thereby losing you potential customers. Identifying the different roof problems is key to avoiding them, or at the very least, mitigating them. It’s always best to seek professional help in dealing with your roof problems. Unless you’re a certified contractor, you may end up making the problem even worse, thereby costing you more money to fix it.

The following problems could indicate that you need professional help to deal with your roof problems.

1. Roof Leaks

Perhaps the biggest issue of all roof problems, leaks are more than just a nuisance to homeowners. They can negatively impact the house’s market valuation and cause health problems too. Water leaking into the house can lead to wet surfaces that soon become a breeding ground for mold. Mold can lead to allergies and diseases or render certain sections of the house unfit for habitation.

Sometimes, roof leaks are hard to identify. This is because sometimes they occur even when the shingles seem to be in good condition. Water may be seeping through cracks or misaligned shingles and finding its way into remote parts like the attic or crawlspace.

The solution involves locating the roof leak and temporarily covering it if it’s letting in too much water. Of course, calling professionals to deal with the problem is always the best solution. Attempting to repair such roof leaks on your own may increase the scope of the damage.

 2. Worn Or Damaged Flashing

Most homeowners are not aware of the significance of the metal flashing on their roofs. This structure helps to avoid water seeping into the house through the roofing joints. These metal flashings are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. If your house is at least two decades old, then it’s advisable to have them checked out before they present problems.

A roofing technician will seal the holes that develop due to rust and prolonged exposure to other harsh weather conditions.

 3. Failing Granules

Most homeowners ignore the discoloration on their roof surface, thinking it’s only a result of harsh weather. While this might be true, this usually means the asphalt shingles have significantly lost the tiny particles in them. These particles are put in place with the express purpose of filtering out ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun. Bald patches on your roof are an indication that these tiny granules are no longer sufficient to do their job.

If the manufacturers offer a warranty, which most do, then it’s time to use these provisions and have the shingles replaced. This ensures that there is no increased amount of UV around the house, something that can cause environmental and health hazards.

4. Damaged Gutters

Gutter damage may not immediately draw people’s attention like a leaking roof though it still contributes to leaks. While some malfunction due to clogging, others may need replacing. Debris is one major cause of clogged gutters. In such instances, unclogging and reattaching the gutter will promptly solve this problem.

5. Multiple Roofing Layers

Multiple roofing layers may seem logical for your house’s roof; unfortunately, it can inadvertently lead to other problems. The rationale with such an undertaking is that many roof layers mean more protection for the house. However, if the roof weight becomes too much for the supporting structures, it can result in disaster, a falling roof that causes injury or damage to property.

Having professionals fix your roof helps to avoid such scenarios. Trained technicians know just the right number of layers needed for proper roofing.

These are some of the most common problems that may push homeowners toward seeking professional roof contractors. It’s important to remember that most of these issues don’t occur overnight. Gradual erosion by natural elements, neglect, and poor house maintenance is the perfect recipe for such problems. It’s why contractors always advise homeowners to be vigilant.

Ultimately, it is every homeowner and tenant’s responsibility to always look for signs of damage. This can help you address the problem quickly, which could save money in the long run.

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