DIY With Google Artificial Intelligence Kits

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Google AI Kits

There has been an explosion of interest in AI over the past few years. This tech has been around for years but mostly behind closed doors in R&D labs and government projects. The technology is widely available now and touches our lives in many ways.

Do-It-Yourself AI

An upgrade to the machine learning, neural net, do-it-yourself, Google AI kits are now available. You can even find them at your local big box store, specifically Target. Both the voice kit and vision kit are available.

The kits were originally released last year. The new version is using the Raspberry Pi Zero. The upgraded kit still includes the cardboard enclosure.

Voice Kit

With the Voice kit, you can build your own DIY Google Home/Echo device. It will interface with Google Cloud and answer questions and respond just like the original.

Vision Kit

The Intel-powered Vision Kit handles all of its processing on board.  Its camera will identify objects within its view.


Initiatives from hardware manufacturers like Raspberry Pi, Nvidia, and others have made this hardware available to anyone who wants to experiment with AI. Google’s TensorFlow Open Source software also plays a part in bringing this hands-on project to light.


These kits are easy and fun to put together. They are finding their way into STEM classrooms as well.

In an email to, AIY project lead Billy Rutledge says, “By working with Target we’re able to massively expand our retail to reach makers and STEM students in the US,” “As the maker community continues to grow and innovate, having maker products generally available at Target Stores allows more to have access to not just AIY, but other great kits to learn and experiment.”

These AI kits are available now at Target. The Voice Kit sells for $49 and the Vision Kit sells for $89. There are more kits in the works.

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