How To Display Public IP Address In Menu Bar in OS X

IP address

If you’re one of those who likes dabbling into networks and IP addresses, then you’ll find that this app, OSXIPDisplayer, is right up your alley. It is a quick tweak for OS X users that will display public IP address on the menu OS X bar so you won’t have to work too much to obtain it.

IP address

For every computer (or any inter-enabled device for that matter), there are two IP addresses: internal and external. The internal IP address is used to differentiate between multiple device on the same network, whereas the external IP address is used for communication with the outside world. Data from a web server, for instance, comes via TCP/UDP protocols to your device through the public IP address.

This app deals with your public IP address.

Why do you need your IP address?

Knowing your IP address can be useful in a lot of circumstances. From the casual gamer to the hardcore networking freak, a lot of people will find this app helpful. Whether you’re running your own server or potentially using SSH to connect remotely, knowing your public IP can be beneficial. Gamers use it to direct their friends to connect online game lobbies they’re hosting.

Unfortunately, most of the ways to find out your public IP address require visiting arcane websites or calling up your ISP (Internet service provider). The easiest way I knew – prior to this app that is – is to open up on a browser, and ask the question “what is my ip?”

What is my IP?

Fortunately, there’s an easier way. Created by developer benhj, the OSXIPDisplayer app does pretty much what its name suggests. It displays your public IP address right on the status bar, so you don’t have to open up terminals, websites or do any sort of extra work to obtain your public IP address.

You can download the app from the Github link below.

If programming is more your thing and you want to look at how the developer has made this small app, then you can access the whole source code from the Github link below.

As always, if you have any questions, or know of similar tweaks, then do let us know in the comments section below! Peace (:

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