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How To Display Hidden Files On Your Mac

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You may not realize this but there are a lot of hidden files and folders on your Mac Os X. Apple likes to give its users a simple user interface and to achieve this it has made many system files hidden from the user. These files usually have the internal mechanism of your Mac device. Users new to Mac may not need to access these files but more experienced users may want to change these files to keep their Mac device tuned and get better performance for their machine.

If you want to show the hidden files on your Mac OS X follow this simple tutorial.

To show hidden files in Mac OS X we will use a command of UNIX which we will run on the terminal app command line. The terminal app gives you access to change the internal mechanism of your Mac OS X.

Step 1: click on GO.

Step 2: click on utilities in the drop down that appears after you click on GO.

Step 3: Now select the Terminal app.

Step 4: Copy and paste the line below in the Terminal command line

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

This command makes the Mac device show all files in your hard disk

Step 4: Press return

Step 5: Now, copy paste the command given below

killall Finder

This command is used to re-launch the Finder.

Step 6: Press Return

This will reveal all hidden files in your Mac device.

To hide the hidden files and folder from prying eyes you can follow the same procedure till step 3 in step 4 copy paste the command given below.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Follow rest of the step in sequence  till step 6, once you are done the hidden files will not be shown.

If you regularly hide and unhide your files and folders you can install Funter. Funter creates a navigation option on top of your Mac through which you can enable or disable showing hidden files. It works the same way as the terminal command by relaunching Finder.

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