How To Disable Whatsapp Played Receipts On iOS?

whatsapp blue microphone

With the famous ‘blue ticks’ update, WhatsApp has been the bane of many excuses. Just as the blue ticks denote read receipts, a blue microphone icon indicates when someone has played a voice clip you sent them. And just like the blue ticks, it’s not cool! Luckily, you can disable this blue microphone ‘played receipt’ on your jailbroken iDevice!

whatsapp blue microphone

WhatsApp recently added the blue ticks (and blue microphone) icons for users to get to know when their text and voice messages have been read/played. According to the WhatsApp FAQs, “the IM app had enabled the read receipts feature, which could have been done much earlier as well, but you have to wonder what kept WhatsApp waiting till now, or even better, what caused it to enable this.”

This new feature has probably caused more headache than relief for some users. But if you have a jailbroken iDevice, then at least you have a choice. You can now disable Whatsapp played receipts for voice messages sent to you!

With this new Cydia tweak installed called ‘WhatsApp Disabled Played Receipt’, contacts will not be able to see if you have played their voice messages or not as the microphone icon will not turn blue at their end and will remain grey.

The best thing about this rather simple tweak is the purposefully missed settings or configurations, with the tweak taking effect straight away after installation.

Features such as the option to turn off ‘Last Seen’ come in handy for many users, who will find that life is so much easier without people nagging you about your online presence. So tweaks like this are always a welcome change.

For this to work though, you obviously need to jailbreak your iOS device. If you’re looking for instructions on jailbreaking your phone, you’ll find them in the links below;

After jailbreaking, open up Cydia and search for WhatsApp Disabled Played Receipt to download and install it!

Have you got anything to add to this story? Do you know of any other great WhatsApp tweaks out there? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers (:

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