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Disable iOS Animations With A Bug

iOS animations

When you open and close applications or switch application screens and tap settings on your iOS device iOS animations are activated. These animations may be annoying for you but they also slow down your iOS device as well. So you might want to consider trying to stop your iOS device from allowing these animations on your iOS device. So you can do so in two ways.

First you can try to enable the option of faster-fading transitions in your iOS device by turning on the ‘Reduce Motion’ option in your ‘Accessibility’ options within ‘Settings’.

The other way may be used to disable the animations completely. This method used a bug in your iOS device. The bug, or a software glitch, can be manipulated by you very easily if you can use the following easy steps. (The bug will only work until or unless you reboot your device because then the animations will work again on your iOS)

So if you want the fastest screen drawing with zero animations you should definitely give this option a try. This option will work on any and all iOS devices like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running a current version of iOS.

First, you need to go to ‘Settings’. Then you should go to ‘General’ option and then select ‘Accessibility’.

Now you need to turn on the ‘Assistive Touch’ option.

Now go to the home screen of your iOS device and then drag the button that says ‘Assistive Touch’ in the bottom corner of the displayed screen.

Now pull down the home screen so that you can open ‘Spotlight’. Then push on Spotlight search to close it and you must repeat this step a few times till the bug in your iOS device is enabled.

This method is very strange and it is pretty difficult to know whether it is working or not but it is the only way through which we can stop the animations completely.

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