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How To Disable Force Touch Trackpad On MacBook Pro?

Force Touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro launched by Apple this month has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. One of the most notable changes in this version of the MacBook is the introduction of a new Force Touch trackpad. While impressive and ingenious, this new trackpad can be a little disconcerting to use for those of us who are too set in our old ways. But then again, you can always turn it off!

Force Touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro

The new Force Touch trackpad lets you make Force clicks by pressing down on the trackpad (single click), and then applying more pressure (force click). This brings up different options and context menus which extend the functionality of your apps and other system features.

Force Touch

Here are some of the things a force click can do.

  • Map preview – Force clicking on an address displays a map preview
  • Dates & events – Force clicking dates and events adds them to your Calendar
  • Webpage preview – Force click on a link in Safari or Mail shows a preview of that webpage
  • File preview – Force clicking on a file icon gives you a Quick Look preview of it
  • Edit name – Force clicking a file name lets you rename the file
  • Dock: Force click an app icon in the Dock to access App Exposé. This shows you all of your open windows for that app.
  • Messages: Force click a conversation in the sidebar to see details and attachments. Force click a buddy’s token in the chat header to see their contact card in a popover.
  • And a lot more!

Why disable Force Touch?

The Force Touch trackpad is a good feature to have. But it can take a lot of getting used to. For one, it relies on electric power to provide haptic feedback when clicking, so turns off when your PC is off. Without power, the trackpad will feel still and won’t ‘press down’. It will come back to life once you power up your system again.

Sometimes, you may end up force clicking unintentionally on an item if you’re not paying attention. It can be a little confusing for some users, who don’t want all the force touch previews getting in the way of their work.

How to disable Force Touch?

To disable Force Touch, follow the steps below;

  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
  • Click Trackpad, and go to the Point & Click tab
  • Deselect the “Force click and haptic feedback” checkbox

Force Touch is now disabled. Note that you can always adjust the pressure from the Click pressure option, so you don’t necessarily have to disable the trackpad.

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