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Disability Insurance – Factors That Matter

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The onset of a severe or permanent disability can mean extreme financial constraints for you and your family.

While some states only provide disability benefits with no supplement benefits, other States do offer additional monetary fringes. And, if you’ve been asking yourself or trying to find out, is there a waiting period for disability insurance benefits in Colorado? or the other states, read on to find out.

The Social Security Administration requires you to meet specific qualifications under the law before you become eligible for disability benefits.

Five aspects are reviewed by the Social Security Administration to determine if you should get Social Security Disability Insurance.

Point of Concern 1 #: Do you work while applying for SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) functions for those who are rendered unable to perform their duties due to their disability. Thus, if you can work and make enough to sustain yourself, then you cannot apply for SSDI.

On the other hand, if you can work but not enough to afford the necessities of life due to your handicap, then you may qualify. Though the income threshold always changes, if you make more than $1000, then you will not be considered for SSDI.

Point Of Concern # 2: How Severe Is Your Disabling Condition?

For you to qualify for SSDI, your condition must be such that you are unable to perform the basic work-related tasks.

If there is a resistance in regard to the same, you need to get in touch with legal experts at Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons. They will be able to help argue your level of disability, gather medical evidence and fight the state in a Court of Law.

Even if you can work, your disability hinders you such that you are not able to complete the everyday duties that you were able to before your disability.

Point of Concern # 3: Is Your Condition Recognized By The SSA?

The Social Security Administration has a Listing of Impairment resource that contains all the major body systems that the SSA categorizes as being disabling.

If your condition is on the list, then you automatically get the disability benefits. If not, then you may have to get in touch with a disability insurance lawyer to help you through the proceedings of appeals for the denial of the claim for disability benefits.

Point of Concern # 4: Are You Able To Function As Normally As Before?

If you can work but not as well as you did before, and are not making enough to pay your dues or cover your basic needs, then you can appeal to the administrative law judge or Appeals Council for a hearing.

Many times, the claim is accepted during a hearing. But, having legal representation proves most effective with getting SSDI.

Point of Concern # 5: Can You Do Other Work?

The very last thing that SSA looks at is if the work you did can be substituted with any other kind of work that will allow you to make enough to sustain.

In Conclusion

Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to make life easier for those who suffered a disability and are unable to help themselves.

Your medical condition, age, past work experience, and transferable skills are all taken into account to determine if you do qualify for SSDI.

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