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Digital Technologies Transforming Mental Healthcare In 2021

Mental Health Matters

For a long time, societies have approached mental health as a taboo topic, unfit to be discussed openly. People who had mental illness could not live everyday life as nobody was willing to embrace them. Luckily, this isn’t the case in most modern societies. 

Today, it’s a lot easier to diagnose and treat mental illness within the community. Mammogram imaging centers in Nebraska like Advanced Medical Imaging have advanced technology like MRI, X Rays, and screening radiology services to check for any brain anomaly.

The post-pandemic era designated the need to provide health care from long distances, especially mental illnesses, which are more prevalent than ever before. Let’s take a deep dive into the digital technologies that are transforming Townsville mental health services.


The idea of having health care professionals interviewing you online is as old as the internet itself. Lately, this has been a necessity for mental health patients. With or without their family assistance, they can log in to videoconferencing applications and have a productive session with their therapist, physician, clinical psychologist, or a mental health nurse. These professionals can assess the patients’ ability to communicate and spot changes in their behavior, just as they would do in their offices. 

Although telemedicine is offered as an extra benefit on some health plans, it’s quickly gaining traction because it’s a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the health industry. All major insurance companies reimburse these telemedicine services and promote their use. These sessions are less costly for health professionals and could be offered at a discounted rate. Mental health patients also benefit from having their doctors visit them at home without leaving their premises.

Digital Imaging And Diagnosing

Sometimes, diagnosing mental illnesses requires proper digital imaging. That assumes the presence of an experienced device controller in the patient’s home. You can digitally scan almost any part of the patients’ body and transmit data directly to the doctor. As soon as the data from the digital imaging are successfully received through the platform, the diagnosis starts. 

Patients don’t need to leave their premises, and they can expect their results to land in their email accounts. Digital imaging leaves no space for misdiagnosed patients and offers them the chance to know their health status in advance. It’s the fastest and most reliable way to perform a diagnosis for mental health illnesses. All patients could have an interview with their therapists through a teleconference and receive their treatment plans.

Digital Therapeutics And E-Prescription

One of the biggest transformations in mental health care is digital therapeutics platforms. Most health insurance companies encourage the adoption of such platforms by competent health centers and individual practitioners. With digital therapeutics, any mental health patient could be diagnosed at home and schedule therapeutic sessions accordingly. 

Since most mental health patients receive some kind of medical treatment, an e-prescription would also be necessary. It’s another feature of digital therapeutics that is integrated into the new platforms. Patients can have their medicines prescribed to their account and then fill in the prescription to the e-pharmacy of their choice. All interactions are compliant with the HIPAA regulations, respecting the confidentiality between doctor and patient. That’s even more important with mental illness that has a social impact on patients’ lives. 

E-Consultation And Online Group Therapy Sessions

Most mental health patients need to receive an in-person consultation from the right therapists. That was a difficult task since they needed to commute to their offices for such appointments. With e-consultation, they can have a private session online. When they are ready, there is also the chance to join an online group therapy session. That includes people with the same mental health problems and makes them feel like they belong to a team suffering from the same issues. Online group therapies through teleconference are the best way to keep mental health patients devoted to their therapy.

Digital technologies have managed to change the way we look at mental health patients. Their families don’t have to worry about commuting to therapists, and all their diagnostic tests and prescriptions are available online. The new era of digital treatment has already begun, and people are starting to accept the new reality. Platforms have made doctor-patient relations easier, more direct, and a lot more affordable than in the past. That’s why technological evolutions are always welcome for sensitive health care sectors like the one addressing mental illnesses.

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