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Different Types Of Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor water fountain

Water fountains are seen as masterpieces even back in the ancient civilizations. They are timeless and versatile as their designs have endless selections from classic, to minimalist, to nature-inspired themes. Water fountains are significant enough to change how an outdoor area looks from ordinary to a place everyone wants to hang out in.

As architecture evolved, the outdoor wall fountain ideas changed with it. People have started to explore oddly unique and artistic designs rather than traditional and classical looks.

It is best to understand the various styles of outdoor fountains before selecting the correct one to complement the concept of the outdoor area:

Self-contained Fountain

These fountains are one of the most famous fountain designs because they are cheaper to maintain and most accessible to install. A self-contained fountain has its reservoir, functional pumps, and plumbing system. They are perfect add-ons in the garden or any outdoor areas like in patios or decks. These fountains are made of concrete finish, stones, or ceramics, sometimes with synthetic materials.

Another great thing about self-contained fountains is that they are not fixed to one location, as they can be moved to other spots in the outdoor area.

Wall Fountains

This type of fountain is either built into a wall or integrated into another wall. It’s a great choice if the space in the outdoor area is relatively small. A wall fountain needs to have tubing, a powered pump system, a basin, and a spout.

Wall fountains can either be mounted or built as freestanding. The freestanding wall fountain has a flat back surface attached to the basin and supporting wall, while the mounted type lays hanging against the wall.

Zen or Japanese Fountains

Fountains are seen mainly in the Japanese gardens, primarily because they play a huge role in their culture and belief. In ancient Japanese culture, fountains are seen as a symbol of spiritual purification and physical detoxification. Before the modern industrial era, the widely used materials for Japanese fountains are bamboo which is then powered by natural springs, streams, or any natural running water.

Cascade Fountains

Cascade means a short drop of water from an elevated level, and these are what you can call mini waterfalls that are not usually taller than 10 feet. Cascade fountains are one of the minimalist types of fountains as the beauty of the design comes from the short drop of water from the quick multi-level steps. Like the Zen fountains, this type of fountains creates the same relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor area.

Spout Fountains

This is one of the easiest to assemble because it can be installed in ponds or small pools. It will work fine with just a submersible type of pump. The beauty of these fountains lies in the patterns that the spout creates. If the outdoor area is small, installing a spouting fountain is still possible. The pump pressure only needs to be adjusted so the water will not spout all over the place.

There are several considerations to consider before determining whether to install or buy a fountain. It would be beneficial to undertake studies exclusively to collect input from experts to make the process more manageable.

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