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Difference between WiFi Boosters, Repeaters, and Extenders

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WiFi Boosters, Repeaters, and Extenders

If you can’t seem to get an even WiFi signal throughout your whole home, then you might want to look into getting a WiFi signal booster or WiFi extender. This will receive your existing weak WiFi signal and then amplify it before transmitting that boosted signal.

By choosing a repeater you will be able to double the area covered by your WiFi network, allowing the signal to reach all areas of your home or office and even your yard.

The difference

WiFi repeaters, boosters, and extenders are pretty much the same things, all are devices that work to improve your signal coverage. There is no real defined difference between them. That said, not all of them work in the same specific way. There are multiple different types of devices available and I will talk a bit more about these differences below.

Some corners of my home don’t get WiFi, what should I choose?

Before you choose a RangeXTD Wifi extender you should first try simply moving the location of your router. Try to put it in a central location. If that doesn’t work, or if that is not an option, check to see if your current router needs to be upgraded. If you’ve had the same model for many years, it might simply be a case of you needing a newer model.

Look for a dual-band router with fast core processors and four gigabit ethernet ports that you can also use with Smart TVs and gaming consoles. This type of technology will allow the router to concentrate the WiFi signal towards your WiFi-enabled devices.

I have a good router and it is in a good location, but I still don’t have good coverage:

This is when you might need to invest in a WiFi extender. Some kits with adapters that you can buy allow you to send an internet signal over the electrical circuits in your home or office. These are simple to use, just plug them in and you are set. These also improve speed and bandwidth on top of being able to be set up in mere minutes.

How does a WiFi booster, repeater, or extender work?

A WiFi repeater or extender contains two wireless routers that are similar in kind to the router you already have. One works to pick up the existing wireless internet network before transferring the signal to the other router which then, in turn, transmits that boosted signal.

Will the repeated network still be secure?

Sure thing! The WiFi repeater offers the exact same level of security as any other router you could buy.

Will I lose speed if I use a WiFi extender or repeater?

To some extent, yes. By choosing a dual router repeater or booster you will be able to lower the impact. If you choose a single band repeater, on the other hand, you could see a loss of 50% of the bandwidth which can slow things down considerably.

I would suggest choosing a dual-band receiver that will enable maximum WiFi throughput.

Author Bio: Sujatha Naidu is a full-time mom, former financial professional, and a blogger. She is passionate about the latest tech gadgets and currently running a technology blog Fibermaze.

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