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Developing Video Chat Apps Like Zoom: Features, Process, and Cost

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Key considerations for developing Video chat apps like zoom: Features, process, and cost

From the time the whole globe was reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns, one application continued to gain huge attention, and we continued to hear about the app over and over. Yes, the Zoom video chat app became a permanent fixture on everyone’s phone since then.

The huge and unprecedented spike in the popularity of apps like Zoom could be attributed to the ease of communicating and collaborating remotely over a highly interactive app interface that helped employees work from home and students, and teachers carry on classes sitting at home. The app, apart from reducing the chances of spreading the contagion, helped people, institutions, and businesses continue their operation even during the lockdown.

No wonder there is widespread interest in developing a video chat app like Zoom, its features, and development cost. Make sure the app follows the latest mobile application UI designing trends to offer an attractive look and feel to the users.

Here we are going to provide a comprehensive idea about building an app like Zoom, including both the features and the development cost.

The key features of a video chat app like Zoom

To develop an app like Zoom, first of all, you should have a comprehensive idea about the key and must-have features that define the user experience of such an app. Here we briefly explain these key features of Zoom.

User Registration and Management

It is the basic feature that any app should have. After the users get registered with the app, you can create their profiles with key attributes and relevant user data like the user name, profile image, etc.

It is advisable to follow the tested and tried principles for creating registration pages and user profiles. Keep the registration process short and easy and after fetching user data, ensure keeping the data private. Allow users to make changes in their profile without any difficulties.

Easy Onboarding

Provide a simple and instantly engaging app onboarding process to keep your users at ease. Allow users to register in the app manually as well as by using social media login data.

The app must guide new users about navigating the app, carrying out video chat, and using other value-added features progressively from one screen to another. Overlaying screen graphics with text instruction can be good, or you can use a short video describing how the app works.

Video and voice communication 

A-Zoom-like app must incorporate both voice and video calling features, and for this, you need to use WebRTC technology.

Make sure the video quality is top-notch, and the voice calls come with robust sound quality. Remember, quality video and sound output are key to the user experience of a video chat app like Zoom.

End-to-End data encryption 

End-to-end encryption is a data security technology that is a must-have for video chat apps such as Zoom for helping with the encryption of the message and the device.

The same technology is also crucial to decrypt the message on the receiver’s device. By ensuring complete security for messaging and video data, helps to bring your app a great reputation.

Text Chat

Text Chat will help you to message users and keep them engaged or prevent them from churning. Within the app, you can use third-party text messaging tools like Firebase or Twilio and use messages in an integrated manner.

Multi-user Calls

Thanks to this feature, users can make group calls, or people across different locations can communicate and collaborate through the app. Thanks to this feature, people can streamline their conferences, classes, or team meetings when using the app.

Screen Sharing

This feature will allow one user to show the content of one user’s screen to another user. The feature is helpful for online classes and tutorials and for sharing on-screen content remotely.

Push Notifications

Push notifications in an app like Zoom allow sending alerts to users on the receiving of new messages, additional app features, and news updates. The feature can be further utilized better by involving third-party online tools such as Twilio or Firebase.


This is a very helpful feature for video and voice chat apps to completely remove noises of various sorts, such as the sound of keyboard typing, shuffling papers, etc.

Engaging virtual video background 

While video communication is happening, in the background, users can display an image or a video to make a meaningful ambiance in an online classroom or a remote meeting.

In-app Purchases

This is a monetization-specific app feature to allow you to keep certain advanced features for users to purchase if and when they need them while using the app.

Custom emojis and stickers 

Lastly, you can allow your users to use custom emojis and stickers to add a kind of funny element to the app and make users enjoy communication.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Zoom?

To be honest, the development cost of an app like Zoom involves several considerations and factors, including the country and region and the target audience of the respective area.

But the key factors in deciding the development cost seem to be core attributes of the app, such as features, app design, and the hourly development rate. The last one influences the development cost most. While making an assessment of the exact development cost for such an app is really challenging, these factors need to be particularly focused upon.


The biggest impetus behind the emergence and popularity of real-time video conferencing apps like Zoom is the pandemic led situation that the vast majority of the population had to go through in all these months.

The pandemic appearing as the worst curse to humanity in modern times also opened our eyes to the technologies and tools that can overwhelmingly transform people’s education, business communication, and remote work processes.

Author Bio: Vincent Martinot is a Managing Director of EurecaApps a Mobile App Development Company Belgium that Provides an Online presence by Providing mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and Tech Startups. He also likes to share his knowledge of mobile development, new technology & business development by contributing to different online platforms.

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