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Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy To Drive More Leads and Generate Sales

Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Strategy, Research potential clients, Take advantage of SMM, promotion alternatives

Type and Goals of Mobile Marketing

In the digital era, when almost everyone has smartphones in their pockets, most of the traffic comes from mobile devices that have become a part of users’ everyday life. Smartphones allow easily using social networks, applications, performing purchases in online stores, searching for needed products or services. Thus, a comprehensive digital promotion tactic should definitely include competent mobile marketing practices that will bring more consumers to your website, enhance search engine visibility, and promote brand growth. A mobile-friendly brand has a prosperous future, as the marketing and advertising world is going mobile.

Which tactics can be applied in order to establish better communication, beat your competitors, and boost interaction with the target audience:

In-app ads. In-application promotion is a growing type of mobile advertising. For marketers, it is a must-have tool when it comes to mobile campaigns. Select the right app to achieve better targeting and increase click-through rates.

QR-codes. A two-dimensional version of the barcode that can be quickly scanned by a smartphone enables businesses to share more information about their brand, sales proposal, benefits, etc. QR-codes improve interaction with the audience and boost awareness.

Optimized banner ads. This is exactly the same advertisement as on computer screens, only much smaller in order to fit the sizes of mobile phones. It can be displayed on the top or bottom of the screen. Be extremely careful when using mobile banners, as poorly designed, irrelevant ads can be really annoying and intrusive. It should be simple and concise with a visible CTA button.

SMM tactic. Notifications and updates through SMS is a reliable way to keep your audience informed.

Mobile SEO. Through optimizing your website and meeting mobile-first requirements, you will achieve the following goals:

  • establish better communication;
  • reach higher e-commerce sales;
  • increase the reputation and become a leader in your industry;
  • generate traffic;
  • improve user-experience;
  • stimulate repeat purchases.

But to gain mentioned above benefits, the competent SEO practices should be implemented including improvement technical and visual aspects that affect Google ranking.


Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Strategy, Research potential clients, Take advantage of SMM, promotion alternatives

Steps for building an effective mobile marketing plan with the highest ROI

Research your potential clients’ behavior. First of all, you need to conduct thorough research on the target audience to collect useful information: find out which social media they use, the sites they visit, and the applications they upload, so on.

Take advantage of SMM. Social media marketing is an extra source of organic traffic and a great platform to foster stronger connections with users.

Set clear goals. Measuring results and the progress of a mobile SEO or SMM is only possible if objectives have been identified before launching the campaign.

Explore promotion alternatives. QR-codes, in-app ads, SMS, content optimization, banners are not the only methods you can adapt to your needs. Check all available options, evaluate its pros and cons, and pick only those that can satisfy the needs of your target audience.

Getting desired results through a mobile-friendly advertising campaign is not always a straightforward path. However, the Shtudio web agency offers a healthy partnership and open communication with creative and flexible specialists who are ready to deliver up-to-date innovative solutions for your business.

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