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Design Elements to Look for in Standard Furniture

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One of the most interesting design principles involves putting contrasting elements in the same room. With Standard furniture, you can do just that. The following are a few elements that can go side by side or within the same piece to make your home more intriguingly beautiful.

Furniture Materials

Choosing furniture pieces made from different materials adds a fascinating appeal to your home. Often, though, you can find contrasting materials in one single piece. Take for example the Parliament Dusty Brown 60” Round Dining Table. This piece juxtaposes acacia wood with a smooth glass top. Or, consider the Windsor Silver Panel Bedroom Set. Its cherry veneers and poplar solid wood look great along with its 100% polyester fabric and shiny nickel ring hardware.

Brighten your home by adding oak sideboard furniture, Because oak is a timeless addition to any interior and will last a lifetime if you cared for it properly.

Shape of Furniture Pieces

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. You’ll find a lot to be excited about when you buy furniture designed by Standard Furniture. For example, the Insignia Brown Walnut Sideboard has a beautiful serpentine front and gently curved legs. A piece of furniture with simpler lines is the Dumont Brown Mahogany Dining Table, which has a flat, squared-off, no-nonsense shape. Buy now.

Fabric Patterns and Textures

Choose furniture that has touch-friendly textures or intriguing patterns. The Kobe Brown Living Room Set is the epitome of soft-feeling furniture with its sumptuous leather and voluptuous plumped-out cushioned backs. For a different touchable texture, go for the Serenity Soft Satin Extendable Oval Dining Room Set with its luxurious satiny polyester upholstery. 

Colors and Finishes

Standard Furniture offers so many choices, you can find just about any colors and finishes you would ever want. Consider the Parliament Vintage Dusty Brown Chesser. Its vintage dusty brown waxed finish has an exquisitely smooth feel and a nice shiny look. You can also choose the Dania Dark Merlot 3 Piece Occasional Table Set with a dark merlot finish that adds warm color to your living room décor.

Designs for Real Life

While you’re designing your rooms, you’ll want to make sure everything is as functional as it is attractive. After all, if it doesn’t fit in with the way you live, it’s really not much good for you. If you use your living room as a place to unwind and relax, a recliner like the Peoria Java Recliner is one of the nicest seats for stretching out and sending stress and fatigue on their way.

Or, if your child needs lots of storage space, you can find it in Standard’s Oakland Smoky Brown and Grayed Birch Youth Captain’s Storage Bedroom Set. This set features large storage drawers along the sides of the bed, along with nightstands, a dresser, and a chest, all with ample places to store away nearly any items a child might keep in their room.

Melding all these design elements will help you create a home unlike any other. When you finish, your personality will show in every piece, as well as in the enchanting combination. With Standard Furniture, you can make your space your own.

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