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Dell Latitude 7258 Serious Competition For Surface Pro

Dell Latitude 7258

2 in 1 Hybrids

The newest trend in portable personal computer development has been the so-called 2 in one device. These provide all the features of a laptop and tablet. Tech companies have been producing these convenient devices in newer and better forms over the last couple of years as they gained popularity. This makes sense with them performing double duty. With the advancements, they have gained enough flexibility to be powerful reliable devices, especially the Microsoft Surface Lineup.

Dell Latitude 7258

As a prominent tech company, Dell is now emerging as a manufacturer of these high-value dual function hybrids.  The forthcoming Dell Latitude 7258 is being seen as one of the best hybrid devices in the pool so far. It has been equipped with a sturdy keyboard that can be charged wirelessly.  It can also be replaced with an alternative keyboard for a comparably thinner profile to improve balance and weight. Compared to the latest Microsoft Pro 4, Dell has included a stylus with the screen, gaining them an extra point.


This durable device’s most acclaimed feature is its keyboard that is noticeably very reliable compared to similar devices. With its deeper area for key travel, better feedback capability than Apple and Microsoft’s devices, it is being seen as probably the best hybrid laptop-tablet device so far. In order to further improve customer’s experience, Dell is offering keyboard in two modulations. One being the standard easy to slide in a bag, while the other slightly thicker hence stronger version with an extra battery for added power for up to four hours.

Additional Features

Other features that create a point of difference between Dell Latitude 7258 and Microsoft’s Pro 4 include the screen resolution. Dell has the upper hand by having a sharper resolution (2,880 x 1,920 resolution vs. 2,736 x 1,824) which is often the deciding factor when it comes to buyers that are professionals. A configuration with Intel’s Core I vPro processor, makes it especially suitable for corporate use and having added security features. It also operates on newer seventh generation Intel Core I processors as compared to Microsoft’s Pro 4 that still has sixth generation Intel chips. The USB port installed in Dell Latitude 7258 is also more adapted for use in the future in comparison to Microsoft’s Surface Pro’s USB 3.0 slots.

Undoubtedly, Dell Latitude 7258 is one of the most well-fitted devices for everyone who desires portability, convenience and the latest features of an easy to use 2 in 1. Regardless, it can be concluded that Dell’s Latitude 7258 has posed serious competition for Microsoft’s Surface Pro with its amazing features and extra convenience.


The Dell Latitude series shall be successfully launched in May and then onwards it will be available on the company’s website for purchase.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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