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How To Delete Predictions From SwiftKey For iOS 8

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The advent of predictive keyboards has brought with itself a teensy-weensy bit of a problem: what if someone else is using your iPhone or iPad, and they come across sleazy, insensitive or just generally inappropriate predictions which you believe do not really represent you? Why you remove them, of course! Here’s how you can easily delete prediction on the most popular iOS 8 alternate keyboard: SwiftKey.

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How To Delete Predictions From SwiftKey For iOS 8

It is thankfully quite simple to delete predictions from SwiftKey for iOS 8. When typing you’ll see predictions in the upper-most row of the keyboard. Simply tap and hold the prediction you wish to remove, and you’ll see a pop-up option to remove said prediction. It’s that easy.

My Thoughts On SwiftKey

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Now that the ‘honeymoon period’ with iOS 8 is over, I can give you an un-aberrated view of how third-party keyboards work. I’ve honestly only tried SwiftKey and GIF Keyboard, but based on the vast majority of other people’s views, that’s just fine since Fleksy, Swype, and TouchPal aren’t so hot.

SwiftKey itself is great. I feel it has had a positive effect on my typing speed and ease on my iPhone. However, the biggest problems I have with SwiftKey are really just iOS faults.

iOS will regularly refuse to launch SwiftKey when I tap on a typing area. Apps will sometimes not work properly while using SwiftKey – I often see buttons being impossible to reach. On restarting my phone, ‘Full Access’ to SwiftKey is revoked even though when I open up Settings it says it does have full access. I have to disable and then re-enable it to get to work again properly.

This and a number of other small annoyances keep SwiftKey from reaching its full potential. I hope both Apple and SwiftKey are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them quickly.

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