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Declara A Top Ten Education Apps



Every so often we come across a gem of an application or service.  The vision statement on the About page of a site I visited recently says, “we don’t just build great products, we’re on a mission to change the way the world learns.”  This peaked my curiosity since one of my biggest concerns is the state of education in this country. But that’s another story.

Declara is a community that provides a platform in which users can curate, annotate, share, and collaborate around any type of content.  The collective intelligence can improve idea flow and decision making inside and outside any organization.

Declara is one of the world’s top education, emerging technology companies. This was confirmed when the company won the 2015 World Technology Summit Award in the Education Category. The award tops off the end of a successful year for Declara who’s global headquarters are in Palo Alto, CA.

Last August the White House chose Declara to be showcased at its first Demo Day, citing Declara as an example of innovation and inclusion. President Obama commended CEO Ramona Pierson recognizing Declara as a social learning platform for sharing knowledge, and insights online. Ramona Pierson is a neuroscientist, an entrepreneur, and director of Seattle Public Schools.

With an extension for Chrome and an app for iOS, Declara is easily accessible anywhere.  It lets users browse collections of high-quality articles, discover relevant content and people, it allows you to follow experts peers and friends, curate organize and social share content quickly, you can also get an update from a friend’s actions. 

The latest version allows you to discuss content and insights with the Declara community and they added notification alerts.

The app is listed as a top ten education app in the App Store. To put it simply, this service and app helps people learn from people. If you’re a life-long learner, this app is a must.  Point your browser to the App Store and search for “Declara”.

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