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How To Deal With Telemarketers Using Your Own Phone Number To Scam You


Scammy, fraudulent telemarketers are now using your personal phone number to call you. It’s a creepy spoofing technique, but there is a simple way to block these calls on iPhone. Find out after the jump!


Telemarketing has been prevalent for several decades now, but it has gotten more annoying in recent months and years as telemarketers have adopted a new technique wherein they spoof your number to call you. In effect, it looks like you are calling yourself!

The unanimously agreed way to dealing with scammy telemarketers is to simply block the number from which they call you. On iPhone, you can do this from the by tapping the encircled ‘i’ button, scrolling down, and tapping on Block this caller. This way, none of their calls will go through to you to pick up.

What do you do in case they spoof your personal, currently in use phone number? The answer, surprisingly, is the same as before. You block your own number!

We have done our research, and found no unintended issues with blocking your own number. After all, you will not ever be calling yourself, will you? If you do, it goes directly to voice mail if your carrier supports it, or it will just say your number cannot be called right now.

block telemarketers which spoof personal number

The procedure is slightly different. Unless you haven’t already, you need to create a new contact from the Contacts tab in the Phone. Launch the Phone app, switch to Contacts from the bottom, tap on the + symbol, add your first name and last name, add your full number with the full international code i.e. in the style of +1 (415) 570-1234, and tap on Done from the top-right corner. Now scroll down a wee bit, and tap on Block this caller.

Voila! Telemarketers which spoof or use your own personal number to annoy you can no longer do so! Blocking your own number, at least on iPhone, has no negative effects as far as we have researched online and through our own experience.

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