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Data Cleansing And Enrichment For Marketing And Sales

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In order for the data that your business owns to be relevant, it is necessary that the data is cleaned in a regular manner. Not only is regular data cleansing essential but it is also important to clean data using the right method so that this data can be beneficial for the business. The method of data cleansing includes processes such as getting rid of any inaccuracies that are in the data, correcting mistakes that can be corrected so that the data can prove to be useful and identifying any duplicate content that does not matter to the business. It is also important to get rid of incomplete or irrelevant data that can be termed as bad data and simply stored in the system without being of any use.

The marketing and sales force in your business completely depends on the kind of data that your business owns and this is why data mining cleansing and data deduplication plays important roles in your business. There are various things that you need to keep in mind while cleaning the data specifically for marketing purposes and if you are not sure where to start then this article can help you figure out what needs to be done in order for you to have good quality data that can be beneficial for the business.

The Right Approach To Data Cleaning

There are so many data cleansing methods and tools available in the market that it causes confusion with regards to what needs to be done, what can be beneficial and what is simply a waste of time. If you don’t know where to start then you need to understand that the first stage of data cleansing always includes preparation which begins with observing the kind of data that the business owns. Different businesses use different methods to accumulate data which means that you need to be clear on what kind of data you would prefer and what format suits your business best. While the accumulation process doesn’t really have a format to follow, the cleansing process can include a format that will be beneficial to the employees in the business.

Address Missing Values

When you own cleaned data it becomes easier for you to use it for marketing and sales purposes but when certain values of the data are missing it becomes difficult to use the data consistently. A part of data cleansing includes ways to figure out data what is missing or incomplete and this process can help you recover quite a lot of your data that was initially of no value to the business.

The Data Cleansing Cycle

The cycle of data cleansing needs to be followed accurately so that you end up with data that can prove to be beneficial for the business. While some business owners decide on using any one of the data cleansing tools available in the market, the truth is when you combine all of these tools together not only do you manage to get something that is healthy and beneficial but also something that is simple to use. The process of data cleansing always begins with the accumulation of data. Once you have a certain amount of data that you know needs to be filtered and cleaned the process then begins.

Most businesses accumulate data from various sources so once you have a pile of data the first process is always merging the data together so that you have an entire file that can be cleaned well and sorted out as one clean data sheet.

The next stage of the data is addressing any missing data on the sheet so that you have more data to use. Once the missing data is put in place then you can standardize the entire data and make it in a format that is usable for your business. After putting all your data content in one particular format it can be standardized to various formats that would be beneficial to the various departments in the organization. You can then run a de-duplication check on the data to ensure that there are no duplicate entries. This data is then ready to use and is perfect for the business.

Using The Data For Sales Enrichment

Once all the data is sorted out and all the bad data is taken care of, this data becomes of value to the business and you end up getting better responses. Businesses invest a lot of money in marketing and sales and when the data that is accumulated for the process is not good, it becomes difficult to generate any revenue from it. Data cleansing is a simple yet powerful procedure that not only helps you to make the most out of the data accumulated but it also helps you to save on time and valuable resources that matter to the business.

Using The Right Tools

While there are many data cleansing tools available, all of which prove to be beneficial for the business, it is also important for you to use other kinds of tools such as the Data Cleaner or CloudDingo tools that help to determine whether or not the quality of the data that you own is good or not. The quality of the data that the business owns matters because this helps you to either increase your marketing effort or focus elsewhere to get better quality data.

While the process of data cleansing might seem to be difficult to begin with and very long for a lot of business owners, once you get a hang of it not only do you manage to make the most out of the tool but it also helps to streamline the entire processes in a business. It helps the business focus on the right aspect and it helps you to divert your attention on marketing campaigns that prove to be beneficial. It also helps you to get in touch with potential customers a lot faster which in turn helps your business grow better.

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