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Most Common Reasons for Data Breaching in Online Businesses

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Most companies pay maximum attention in marketing strategies and in boosting web conversion rate, while they do not consider about cybersecurity and here, they leave a loophole for hackers and become a victim of data breaching.

Even though, the website owners who use the right security plans, tools and technologies in data protection, sometimes even fail in data security.

The major reasons behind such phenomenon are just a few simple mistakes that are done in security management which are described below:

1. Overconfidence about Cyber Security

Being overconfident is never good for anything, whether it is a matter of cybersecurity.

Some IT professionals consider that cybersecurity does not need as much attention as needs in other factors. 

For example, some small-scale businessmen think the cybercriminals do not attack their data as it is not much information for them. On the other side, end-users consider that their IT team is always there to take care of their sensitive information.

However, the reality is different from such thinking, because the cybercriminals have targeted every size of the industry. Thus, never neglect your cybersecurity and update your security methods from time to time so that you can always protect your sensitive data from hackers.

2. Disregarding SSL Certificate

Most of the data breaching cases happen at that time when the data is being transmitted between a browser and a web server.

Due to this reason, most website owners install SSL certificate on their server to secure the communication between browser and server. This certificate secures information like username, passwords, credit card details and more.

3. Ignoring Web Monitoring

Cybersecurity is effective when it is monitored constantly. A little ignorance can put in big trouble because hackers continuously updating their hacking methods and always look for vulnerabilities in websites.

Therefore, make sure to use automated vulnerability testing and deep-dive penetration testing to check vulnerability in your website.

4. Failing to Map Where Data Flows and Live

Usually, companies keep different types of data like the information of the vendors, the client’s sensitive information or the company’s own private data. Only single negligence may open a way for hackers, so all such data needs to be assessed and charted for its protection.

Many times, data flows within the organization or outside the organization, in such cases, there should be one person who can keep an eye on the data flow and make a record on its every fluency.

5. Neglecting Employees Training

Recent studies show that employees become one of the main causes of data breaching. Some organizations consider employee’s training a waste of time and money.

Thus, the employees get deprived of data breaching information, as a result, they mistakenly open the way for hackers and the whole company becomes a victim of cybercrime.

So, to avoid such a phenomenon, provide training to your employee ones in every four months and educate them about spam emails, suspicious links or website and how to tackle the unwanted situation.

6. Thinking a Breach Won’t Happen to You

Some company owners, especially the small-scale entrepreneurs think that they will not be targeted by hackers because they are not earning much profit as compared to large scale companies.

Cybercriminals never feel pity for anybody, they can target anybody for their own sake and benefits. Therefore, prepare a security plan that will help you react faster and reduce the risk when your day comes.

7. Not enough IT Security Management

Some companies use the best cybersecurity solutions for their websites, but do not appoint adequate professionals to properly handle such solutions. And in such cases, companies unable to handle upcoming threats and sometimes fails to reduce the risk.

So, make sure to appoint enough professionals to manage security solutions.

8. Forgetting the Basics

Even a simple thing may put your business in big trouble. For example: using simple password policy, ignore updating the security software or backing up the data.

These simple things can completely fold your business because hackers always look for simple vulnerabilities for data stealing.  Therefore, make sure to remember the basic rules of security and pay attention to them also.


Cybersecurity has become a main cause of concern and it could not be left unhandled as it may pose severe harm to online companies as well as their clients.

So, the above-mentioned mistakes should be avoided in order to maintain high cybersecurity in e-commerce.

However, nobody can make a full-proof cybersecurity plan, as regular monitoring and updating are needed to beat hacker’s advance data breaching methods.

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