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Daily Routine That Could Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19 Virus

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Since the end of 2019, the media has been full of COVID-19 virus news. The virus has been declared a global pandemic which is the reason why we must all be aware of the need to live our lives in a way that will keep us safe till the battle between humanity and COVID-19 is over. For us to live a safe lifestyle during this difficult period, we must form a very good daily routine that will keep us healthy, safe and stop the virus from spreading. A good daily routine as suggested by health experts include:

Staying At Home

The first thing to do to avoid the widespread of a contagious disease is limiting the rate at which people get in contact with each other physically. To reduce physical contact, the best thing is for everyone to stay at home during the period at which the virus spreads. The COVID-19 virus can also be stopped if everyone stays indoors till the disease is wiped out which is the reason why staying at home should be in your routine at this period.

Taking Care of Your Emotions

According to experts, emotions can help in recovering from an illness and can also add more damage to one’s health. During this COVID-19 period, you should make sure you avoid panicking since panicking can make a pandemic worse than it should. Disadvantages of panicking are the empty stores, unimaginable increase in prices of protective goods and services all over the world which we have been experiencing in all parts of the world recently. To keep yourself safe and the disease from spreading, it is very good to take care of your emotions.

Avoid Touching Public Objects

The COVID-19 virus is known for its ability to spread through surprising means, it is the reason why the number of people with the virus keeps increasing by the thousands day after day. One of the common ways by which people can get the COVID-19 virus is through various frequently used public objects like street chairs, ATM machines, poles, etc. To stay safe, it is advisable to avoid touching public objects to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Washing and Sanitizing Your Hands

As said by experts, the COVID-19 virus doesn’t infect you immediately you touch an infected person or object, it infects you immediately you touch your face with the infected hands. To avoid getting infected, it is important for you to wash or sanitize your hands frequently with a sanitizer that has alcohol. If you must use public objects like atm machines, it is compulsory to disinfect them with disinfectant and wait for some seconds before using them.

Using Face Masks

As it is known that the COVID-19 virus infects people when they touch their faces with an infected hand, it is important to have a way to protect the face against the virus. The virus infects the body through the nose and mouth which is the reason why it is important for you to use your face mask whenever you are going out. Another important tip about using face masks is the disposal of the mask after usage which is very important to do so that the risk of spreading the virus through the used mask can be ruled out.

Using Gloves

Due to the fact that the COVID-19 virus can get stuck on one’s hands and thereby getting one infected if the virus gets into one’s mouth or nose, it is important to find a way to protect one’s hands from the virus. A very good way to protect one’s hand is by using protective gloves. It is also important to dispose of the gloves after usage.

People all over the world have been curious to know if the COVID-19 virus will affect immigration in the United States as the United States is becoming one of the most affected countries in the world, here you can follow up the USA COVID-19 Live map and update your family with the information. For immigrants all over the world, there would be no problem concerning immigration as the immigration laws still stand and normal migration processes will begin immediately after the virus has been defeated. The USA ESTA VISA is two important documents needed by individuals traveling to the country. Currently, traveling to and from the United States has been stopped due to the virus, visa proceedings can still be done online to some extent. VWP countries can still apply for Visa waiver programs online for processing pending the time United States embassies would be opened again. Try to check your ESTA application status to know if you are planning g to visit the US.

Avoid Crowded Places

Going to crowded places during the COVID-19 period can expose you to the risk of being infected with the virus as there is a high chance of an infected person being among the crowd. To stay safe during this period, it is very advisable to stay away from crowded places like the cinema, churches, mosques and so on. Even though staying away from religious congregations can be difficult during this period, it shouldn’t be a problem to stay away from congregations as it is possible to organize congregations online.

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