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Customer-Centric Marketing: Why It Is So Important To Put The User At The Center Of The Strategy?

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Customer-centric marketing allows us today, more than ever, to determine how our product or service solves the anxieties of customers and buyers. How is this possible?

It turns out that digital transformation has not only brought with it tools that are invaluable to the Marketing and Sales departments. It has also driven a reorientation toward a Data-Driven culture within companies.

Even more important is that this technological irruption has empowered users, who now have full power over purchasing.

Indeed, 55% of customers now trust companies less than they used to, according to a Hubspot publication. Instead, they prefer recommendations from family members and opinions from other customers and rely on their own research to make their purchasing decisions. 

Is it possible to keep attracting new users and making existing customers fall in love in this scenario?

The answer is yes, as long as the approach is changed: today, it is not enough to create the most creative campaigns; it is essential to move towards customer-oriented marketing!

Why has customer-focused marketing become indispensable for companies?

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To start touching on the subject, let’s first clarify why Digital Marketing as we know it requires a transformation. 

It happens that the digital era has built a better-informed consumer, who can choose from infinite options and is exposed to new experiences, so companies have had to adapt quickly and effectively to the new demands.

This is how customer-focused marketing has gained momentum in recent years as a genuinely effective way of putting oneself in the customer’s shoes. 

This approach demands that organizations stop looking inward and focus on each customer’s particular needs; that is, how do we make our products fit their requirements?

To illustrate it better, we have listed four reasons to show you the importance of adopting a customer-oriented approach. 

1. Adapt to new consumer behavior

The new consumer demands more personalization is more aware of his bargaining power with brands and wants experiences, i.e., he no longer wants to listen to the same old promotional speeches!

It is therefore increasingly valuable to establish a relationship of trust between brands and users to ensure the continuity of their consumption.

In this sense, customer-oriented marketing allows you to design a complete strategy that considers all the factors that determine the loyalty of your users. 

2. Conquering your customers’ purchasing decisions

Since Digital Marketing opened the conversation towards a multidirectional model, customers demand to be heard and, at the same time, are more inclined to research online before initiating any transaction.

Therefore, having a Content Marketing strategy in place is critical.

Prospects and customers love to find their own solutions. So when your brand, through relevant and engaging content, improves their lives in some meaningful way, they will gain a positive association.

Only when your text, visual or interactive content addresses their concerns throughout the customer journey (including success stories that trigger the purchase decision) can you create a memorable experience?

In addition, producing relevant and optimized content for a user acquisition strategy is an effective way to build a lasting relationship with customers.

This is because someone who becomes a customer may have had their first contact with your brand from a blog post they found on Google, for example. Then they started to feed on the materials you produced until they developed sufficient trust to make a purchase decision.

3. Align with the new Inbound Marketing methodology.

In 2018, the traditional marketing and sales funnel transformed into a customer-based cycle. This is known today as the flywheel.

This new approach, created by Hubspot (the same authors of the Inbound methodology), puts customers at the center and focuses much more on loyalty.

In this way, it is much more in line with a fact detected by Hubspot: customer recommendations and word of mouth are the most influential factors in the buying process.

4. Build loyalty with your users

Finally, a satisfied customer will remain loyal to your product and can also become an ambassador for your brand.

Online casinos are an excellent example to explain this phenomenon. Many platforms offer no deposit casino bonuses and free spins to build loyalty and push their customers to trust them. 

Moreover, for players, requesting these offers is a great way to increase their chances of winning without having to risk their own money. 

So, regardless of the passion for gambling, this idea retains its appeal.


Customers who maintain an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and will recommend the company at a rate of 71%, instead of the average rate of 45%, according to a report by Motista.

With these projections, don’t you think it’s worth initiating every effort to please your consumers? You can bet you will see the results of your efforts in no time!

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