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Crop Screenshot Before Saving Using This Jailbreak Tweak

Crop screenshot before saving ios 7 iphone

If you use an iPhone, or iPad, and regularly share cropped screenshots, you should strongly consider trying out this jailbreak tweak that let’s you crop screenshot before saving to Camera Roll on iOS 7.

crop screenshot before saving ipad

As a blogger covering the computer industry, screenshots are one of the most important assets that are produced as part of the creative process. We use screenshots to illustrate problems, issues, and of course – on the other end – nice design features. Screenshots also act as important anchors within blog posts.

Now, my usual work-flow is to take normal, full-sized screenshots and share them as is with whomever or to wherever required. I do not find it worth the effort to crop a screenshot before sending it, especially since in most cases it slows down the process of sharing the screenshot. It isn’t required unless you want to hide / highlight something.

However, that is just me. I have my own preferences and you have yours. Maybe you do prefer to crop screenshot before saving, and sending for hiding elements, or reducing file size because your cellular data connection or WiFi is really slow.

Crop screenshot before saving ios 7 iphone

If you do have these preferences, and use an iPhone or iPad, try CroppingScreen – a jailbreak tweak that allows you to crop screenshot before saving it to your Camera Roll.

Once downloaded and installed, it is activated by taking a normal screenshot. It highlights the croppable area. You can drag this area surround to select the final, cropped image. If you wish to take a normal, full-screen, full-size screenshot, just be sure to press the Home button instead.

CroppingScreen is available as a free jailbreak tweak on Cydia under the BigBoss repo. At the moment of writing, it is compatible with iOS 7.x.x only, meaning if you have jailbroken on iOS 8.x, you cannot use this yet. Hopefully the developer will work on adding support in time for mainstream adoption of the iOS 8 jailbreak. Until then, check out the list of compatible jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Be sure to let us know what you think of CroppingScreen in the comments section below.

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