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Cricbuzz Is The Best Free Cricket Widget For iOS 8 Right Now

cricbuzz cricket widget ios 8

Cricket app Cricbuzz was recently updated to include a free iOS 8 cricket widget. It shows scores for the latest international cricket matches in the iOS Notification Center. Check it out after the title image!

cricbuzz logo ios

Cricket does not get as much love on an international scale as football, American football, tennis, or even basketball. It is a relatively complicated sport, after all. You need a bat and a ball, and more than a few players to do it properly. By contrast, football – the world’s most popular sport – just takes one ball to… get rolling. (pun intended)

Anyhow, cricket is still a big enough sport in the Indian subcontinent, UK, and Australia, for there to be demand for high quality iPhone and iPad apps. We are big fans of ESPN Cricinfo, as it offers quite literally everything a cricket fan would want in an iOS app… except for a widget. Cricinfo was last updated two months ago, and there’s no word for when we will see an iOS 8 cricket widget.

That is where Cricbuzz comes in. It offers a featureset similar in depth and width to ESPN Cricinfo, but adds a free cricket widget for iOS 8 on top of that. The widget shows the latest / final scores for three most recent matches.

Here is what the Cricbuzz iOS 8 cricket widget looks like:

cricbuzz cricket widget ios 8

We wish it were a tad customizable. I would rather see time and dates for upcoming matches than scores for matches I have already seen.

Hopefully, Cricbuzz will keep updating their app with new features. I am sure we will see options to edit the widget in the future.

Download Cricbuzz [iTunes App Store]

We just came across Cricbuzz on the Internet. Do you have any other cricket widget in mind for iOS 8 that we should cover? Let us know!

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