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Check Out These Creative Smartphone Hacks

Smartphone Hacks

Smartphone hacks

Check out these creative Smartphone hacks.

Want to take underwater photos?

Crazy about photography but do not have a DSLR. You can create photo effects on your smartphone with creative hacks. If you want to take underwater photos with your smartphone you would probably buy a waterproof case for your phone but what if I say that you don’t need one? All you need is to just go and grab a glass or mason jar from the kitchen.

What you have to do next is to put your phone in a drinking glass, a mason jar, a glass pitcher even a deep glass container will do the job. Keep the top part of the vessel above water to keep it from accidentally flooding your phone. This hack is also great for taking over-under (also known as split-shot) photos, which are underwater photos that also show half of whatever’s above the water.

Use glow sticks for cool, colorful photo effects

Did you know a $10 glow stick can do wonders if you use it right? Glow sticks offer you an inexpensive way to add cool colorful effects to your photos without using a DSLR. What you need to do is to hold a glow stick in front of the camera lens to put them in the foreground of your photo. It will result in a slightly out of focus picture highlighting the blurry glowing effect.

More fun ways to use a glue stick is to try light painting or capturing random streaks of light. This is a bit difficult to master and will take some effort and experimentation. You can use the long exposure app like Slow Shutter Cam and a mobile tripod to master this effect.

Modifying icons of Apps

IF you are a PC user you must have used this amazing option of customizing icons of data and soft wares in your childhood. What if you can do the same with your smartphone. We often get bored with the same look of our smartphone screen every time we turn it on. We present you a way to change it forever. You can apply this simple hack to your smartphone and be awesome.

Download some amazing apps like  Iconical, CocoPPa, and App Icons to do the job. These apps allow you to choose from their inbuilt library of icons and even upload your own images from a computer or phone gallery. This feature allows you to customize your phone one step further

Turn On Your Computer by Phone

Want to impress others with your amazing tech knowledge. You can turn on your computer using your smartphone. You can do this remotely without paying for a service like the Revolv, there is a way to do so from your smartphone that doesn’t need rooting.

By using the Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna, you can configure it to turn on your personal computer with the tap of a button. Imagine how cool that would be. NFC can also be used for other multiple functions, from sharing information to entering driving mode.

Check some of these smartphone hacks and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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