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Creating Your Dream Outdoor Grill Island

Outdoor Grilling Station

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about family get-togethers again around the outdoor backyard grill. There is much forethought that is needed to make the perfect space. There are more options than the imagination can conjure concerning how outdoor grilling spaces look and function. Some spaces have the cooking and eating areas combined, while other options include the eating area in the backyard and away from the back patio.

More than Just a Grilling Area

Many households with the latter option will alter their landscape to accommodate a walkway and ground lighting. String lighting is another acceptable option to accommodate family and guests who are out after the sun goes down. Lighting is functional and adds an extra ambiance to the entire setup, so the planning of new landscaping sometimes falls into the category of building an outdoor extension for new projects. When one compliments the other, both become one.

Furthermore, the family needs to consider how the area will be used. Will children play in the backyard? How far does the grill need to be away from the play area? Parents need to ensure they can see their children while grilling to make certain they don’t come to any harm. This is only one consideration when choosing an island for your grill space.

If there is a pool in the backyard, adults must have a clear view of the children while swimming. It also never hurts to be able to see adults when they are in the water because a person can never know when something may go wrong. Choose an island that allows the chef to see individuals in the pool as they prepare a meal, so their attention never has to be divided between two things.

Some people like to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of nature while reading. The grill needs to be positioned so that any smoke coming from it won’t disturb those family members trying to relax and read. Consider wind patterns when choosing an island and where to position it. Doing so allows every family member to make the most of the outdoor living space.

The same goes for guests who are visiting. They won’t want to sit and converse with the chef if they have smoke blowing in their face the entire time. When choosing an island, consider where the grill will fit into this island and ensure this position won’t make it difficult to entertain while cooking.

Get The Pricing Figured Out

Regarding pricing, most people find it easier to start looking at mid-range grills and outdoor eating arrangements. The price and the size should be a dual focus at the beginning. If alterations need to happen to the back patio and yard areas, the budget should have more room. In addition, many people have learned that manufacturers need to be considered when considering what to buy. It all starts here because they are the ones who make the grills and island options.

Grills today come in a range of price points. A person can spend less than $100 to get a grill or invest thousands of dollars in an outdoor cooking station. Durability is typically the reason for the cost increase, but other factors play a role as well. Compare various models to find one within the budget that offers the desired features, keeping in mind inexpensive grills aren’t built to last.

An inexpensive grill can cook food as well as a more expensive version. It simply won’t last as long as the higher-priced model. Individuals on a strict budget won’t need to do without a grill, but they will need to replace this appliance more often. Consider this when choosing a model, as a built-in grill is harder to replace than a standalone model.

However, many benefits come with investing in a higher-priced grill. Individuals find these grills typically come with larger cooking areas, meaning chefs spend less time manning their grills and more time enjoying life. In addition, grills with higher price tags often come with additional features. For example, a more expensive grill might come with automatic temperature control, so the chef can start the food and forget about it until the meal is ready to eat.

Another thing to consider when it comes to pricing is the warranty that comes with the grill. When investing a large sum of money, a person wants to know they will be protected if something goes wrong with the unit. Look into the warranty when choosing an outdoor grill to ensure it covers parts and materials for an extended period. Some warranties also cover labor for certain repairs.

Make Sure it all Complies

Once the introductory pricing and designs are penciled into the plans, the customer should consider compliance. For example, what are the laws concerning outdoor grilling and open flames, and in which seasons? Fire departments periodically issue no-burn days because of the weather, and this should be taken seriously. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on this only to make it illegal because of where a fire is. A little due diligence goes a long way here and can save money and keep everyone on the safe side of the law.

Many people don’t realize localities consider a gas grill as an open fire. This is not the case for electric and charcoal grills, but people must ensure they don’t get into legal trouble simply for cooking a meal. Why would a gas grill be considered an open fire?

Gas grills operate off of propane or natural gas. If something goes wrong, the fire could quickly spread to a larger area and cause problems for local firefighters. The same cannot be said for charcoal grills, as they rarely cause an explosion and lead to a fire spreading quickly.

In addition, the owner needs to know the laws regarding the use of a charcoal or gas grill on a balcony or other similar areas. Localities typically restrict the use of these devices in areas that lack an automatic sprinkler system. However, each locality determines how and where the grills can be used, so it falls on the owner to learn what is permitted where they live.

Furthermore, don’t overload the grill with combustible material. Doing so could turn a charcoal grill into an open flame. Also, ensure the grill is not a nuisance to neighbors. Consider them when using any type of grill to avoid problems within the neighborhood and with local authorities. Safety must always be the top priority, but consideration for neighbors should be a close second.

So, let’s talk about design. Just as no one puts a massive picture on a small wall inside a house, no one wants a huge grill that takes up most of the patio area. A smaller grill is needed or an expansion of the current space should be considered. Think about the size and how the finished project will look aesthetically within everything else. Professional outfits help significantly here because this is the outdoor version of interior decorating. An established company with experienced employees will lead the buyer in the right direction with aesthetics, type of fuel (gas, pellets, etc.), and local safety compliance in mind.

Determining the different needs for an outdoor grill space will lead to getting what is wanted at an affordable price. Then, whittle down the options to the most realistic ones. There are many ways to plan everything out beforehand, leading to an area properly envisioned from step one. There are professionals available who have been in business long enough to marry the wants and needs of customers to the vision of creating outdoor grilling areas designed to be meeting places. Experts do more than provide affordable options. They also offer ideas for spaces where people can get together and have a good time.

Creating the Perfect Design for the Outdoor Kitchen

A person with a large property has many options when it comes to the outdoor kitchen. The same cannot be said for an individual with a tiny yard. They must maximize every inch of the available space. Once the items needed are determined, begin experimenting with different layouts.

When the kitchen will have a grill, refrigerator, and sink, use the same basic layout as the interior kitchen. These three components should be arranged in a triangle, with no more than nine feet from one appliance to the other. The overall distance between the three should remain under 26 feet, as this allows for movement in the kitchen while ensuring all items are easily accessible.

Decide if other appliances will be desired in the kitchen. A family may wish to have a grill and an outdoor pizza oven, as they can cook many of their favorite foods using these two appliances. They will rarely need to use the indoor kitchen once the outdoor one is in place. Plan for these additional items when setting the design for the outdoor kitchen, even if they will not be purchased immediately.

Set aside an area for eating and entertaining. The size of this area is determined by the projected number of people that will use the space regularly. The idea is to create a cozy area for entertaining while ensuring additional guests won’t feel crowded. Having a space that is too big or too small could lead to the area not being used as often as was originally anticipated.

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