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Creating the Perfect App

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Have you been thinking of having an app created for your clients and prospects? There’s no question that a good app will be a valuable investment. It can be built to incorporate useful self-service options, provide valuable information to users, and as an effective marketing tool.

The emphasis here, of course, is on it being a good app. Apps are easy enough to cobble together if you have some programming experience. Unfortunately, not all apps out there are good ones. Some companies rush to get theirs to market, only to find it has severe bugs once it’s launched.

Now, while the odd bug or two can be forgiven, an app that performs sloppily the first time out is going to harm your business image. You should consider spending a little more and hire someone who knows how to create amazing apps.

What features does the perfect app need? That’s going to depend to a large extent on your client base. To give you a head start, we’ve got an awesome infographic for you.

According to Tina from, the creator of the infographic, the following are essential things to focus on when designing a new app.

Error-Free Functionality

Get the basic app functioning perfectly before you decide to start adding weird and wonderful additions. It’s better to have a simpler app that performs perfectly than a gorgeous app that is glitchy.

Efficient Onboarding

That means how easy it is for users on the first few screens. Think simplicity again. The fewer screens they have to move through initially, the easy it will be. This improves the user experience.

Great Usability

Check out the app from the point of view of someone who has never used it before. Can they see what buttons they need to press? Make it simple enough for someone who is not tech-savvy to use.

Make it Easy to Search for Information

You want your clients to be able to find the information that they want quickly and easily. This will assist in improving their overall user experience.

The basics are simple, and your app needs to be as well. Want to learn more about what will make your app stand out? Check out the infographic that follows.


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