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How to create shopping lists and other checklists in Notes app

Notes app

An update to the Notes app is one of the best features of iOS 9 and El Capitan. You can also now sketch with your fingers and include photos and maps as well as web links to checklists of to-do’s.

Checklists work very well for grocery lists and wish lists as well as to-dos and you can also tick off the individual items and select them as completed. If you use iCloud any changes you make to your checklists will automatically be added to all your Apple devices.

In this post, you will learn how to create one of these interactive checklists and to do this, however, you will have to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 9 and ensure that your Mac runs OD X 10.11 El Capitan. (Also upgrade your noted to the new format)

How to create checklists in Notes for iOS 9

  1. Open the Notes app on the iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  2. Select the pencil and pad icon which is on the lower right corner of the screen to open a new note.
  3. Now tap on a gray circle which has a plus sign above the keyboard. This will reveal a toolbar which will allow you to quickly access all the newest Notes features.
  4. Now select the checklist icon on the toolbar which will be given as the icon for correct.
  5. Now an empty circle will show on your note. This will let you type your to-do list. You will press the Enter position to create another list.
  6. Now you should select Done which will help you finish the checklist.

Tip: You can also try to highlight multiple lines of the text and then select the Checklist icon to make them tappable to do lists. In order to add a new item to an old list, you can put the cursor at the end of a line and select enter on the keyboard. For an iPhone 6s use the 3D Touch for positioning of your cursor.

How to create lists in Notes for El Capitan

  1. Select Notes on your Mac.
  2. Select the pencil and pad icon in the toolbar which will be present on the top. This will help you to create a new note.
  3. Click the checklist icon.
  4. The checklist will appear next to an empty circle. You can now type your list and separate each line with Enter.

(For Notes in iCloud go to the following web address and sign in with your Apple ID. Click on the pencil and pad to create new notes. Click on checklist button to create your first list.)


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