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Schools and colleges all over the country have been shut down due to the threat and chaos spread by the Coronavirus pandemic.  With classes canceled and a big gap in studies, parents are worried that their kids year would be wasted and also they might end up forgetting whatever they learned.

The outbreak, however, does not mean that the kids or anybody for that matter cannot learn or acquire any skill while confined at homes. Here we have some of the best online resources that you can utilize for learning and staying occupied. The best part is that they are appropriate for all ages.

The resources mentioned below offer courses in all sorts of categories such as science, math, coding, and much more. While these may be designed for specific areas of study, we have also listed websites that offer courses on a broad variety of subjects in general. In addition, we have listed some resources for children so that you can keep them entertained and productive at the same time.

One-Stop Solutions


Since children’s education has been affected the most, Outschool is offering online classes that are conducted through video chat, for students from ages 3 to 18. The website is hosting over 10,000 classes with subjects ranging from Math to English to Coding and so much more.

The classes are conducted by highly professional teachers from reputable backgrounds. To further aid you in this time, the platform lets you choose a schedule as per your own comfort. You can filter courses by a variety of factors such as timeline, subject, age, etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably the best place you can visit to acquire knowledge on lots of amazing categories. Some of the best categories on the website include Linear Algebra, Computer Science, and Economics along with others.

Apart from choosing courses by category, you also have the option to select a course by the level of difficulty like 1st grade, 2nd grade and so on. The website also lets you prepare for special exams that you might be worried about such as SAT, LSAT, and many others.

The website makes for the ultimate solution for learning whether you are a student, teacher or parent. You are bound to learn something new as soon as you hop on the site.


Scholastic makes for the ultimate digital classroom for such a crisis. The platform is filled with more than 20 days’ worth of syllabus for students of pre-K and up. Now, your kid can learn about subjects like Spanish, Math, and Trade at their own pace.

The best thing about this place is that you can access it from any device that is connected to the internet. Now, your child can spend hours on the smartphone and still be productive. No longer you have to worry about your kid wasting time in front of the screen.

Early Learning

PBS Kids

Keeping toddlers engaged during these times is probably the hardest thing a parent has to do. For those parents, PBS Kids is the option to go for. PBS Kids now has a Newsletter that has various fun and educational games for children of ages 2 to 8.

The place is filled with fun children shows, educational games that teach about crafts, coloring and other skills. Parents can read articles that educate them about how to better take care of their children.


ABDmouse brings classrooms for toddlers right into your living room. The platform is specially designed to teach young ones on crucial skills like reading, math, colors, science and so much more.

The lessons are taught to children in the form of interactive games where each level has something new and amazing for the child to learn. Moreover, you can access the website in Spanish in case you are more comfortable with that.

Advanced Placement Classes


Moving towards more serious education, you should definitely put that on hold. Learning something new will always help you out in the future. During this pandemic, edX can serve to be a worthy substitute for your advanced placement classes.

Here, you can benefit from over 2500 professional online courses from a number of prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Berkeley, and MIT, to name a few. Whether you want to study for graduation, post-graduation, a certification or a certain specific subject, edX is the place you must go to.


Fiveable is yet another platform where you can go to prepare for your advanced placement classes. The platform offers courses on subjects including US history, English literature, Calculus, Chemistry, and many other areas of specialization.

You can also engage in live streams, question and answer sessions, and even trivia battles to test the limits of your knowledge. Plus, you get regular updates of what is going on in terms of your field of interest.


Code Avengers

For the coders out there, you can take the most benefit in terms of learning by the courses provided on Code Avengers. The place is filled with great courses depending on the level of complexity, which could either be Junior or Pro.

The website teaches coding in various manners including games for beginners where they are required to solve a level by completing some form of coding. For the professionals, you can get help from the comprehensive courses that maybe 3 to 6 months long.



Prodigy is the place you would want to visit if you have a thing for mathematics. Home to more than 50 million students, the place teaches various mathematical concepts using video games.


Mystery Science

This platform is for students who wish to study the K-5 curriculum. It provides knowledge on all sorts of scientific domains such as plants, animals, flowers, rocks, space, chemicals and so much more.

In Conclusion

This pandemic may have stopped us from stepping outside of our house, but it does not mean that we have to stop learning. If you are willing to make an effort, you can still learn a lot using these phenomenal resources. So, stay safe and Happy Learning.

Author Bio: A bibliophile and a writer at heart, Tina Anderson loves to share her thoughts with the world. She has a natural talent for creating magic with words. Her love for reading makes her an expert on various subjects. She is a writer at BuyTVInternetPhone.

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