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Top 10 Cool Gadgets to Present to Your Girlfriend

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1. Salar C13 Headphones

It is an excellent gift for all music lovers. They are equipped with an incredibly good sound system and are made of quality material. Here’s a nice addition to the product – they have beautiful adjustable lights. Also, a microphone is built into the headphones, and they can be used as a headset. They are quite cheap considering all the features that you get. You can find them on Gearbest where they go for around $23.

2. Wireless Charger

Smartphones are quite new to our lives, but they play an integral part in it. Many users try to stand out, not only by buying expensive models, but also the latest modern accessories for them. It’s simple to find a powerful wireless charger online and mount it with the tapes or screws provided to the underside of your furniture or kitchen surfaces in a matter of minutes.

3. Magnetic Charger

A magnetic charger should consist of two parts: a connector, inserted into the phone’s charging port, and the second part, attracted by a magnet.

4. USB Mug Warmer

This cute gadget will be useful both at home and in the office. The heater has a nice bright design, and it works via USB. Of course, the power of the gadget is not enough to use it as a kettle, but it can easily keep your coffee warm for a long time.

5. Benchtop Mini Fridge

Here’s another neat gadget your girlfriend will surely appreciate. And it is quite an original gift at that. A small refrigerator is the opposite of a mug preheater. It will be a great gift during the hot summer days. And while it is quite small, it can easily store a few soda cans so that they won’t get warm and disgusting. It works the same way as a USB heater. If you don’t have a girlfriend to present this device to, then be sure to check out this dating site with lots of hot Russian brides for marriage. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

6. Solar External Battery

For a modern girl, there is nothing worse than a dead smartphone and no power outlet nearby to charge it. You can easily find a decent power bank on the Internet that can be charged with solar energy. This is quite a lifesaver. It will charge your phone quickly, and your girlfriend will always be in touch with you.

7. Humidifier

The air in an apartment can get quite dry, especially during summer, causing the skin to deteriorate. It also has a negative effect on your sleep. Any self-respecting girl should have a humidifier; if yours doesn’t have one, then there are quite a few options to choose from online.

8. Laser Keyboard

Wireless keyboards for tablets and smartphones are getting old; laser keyboard is the trend of the day. The only thing you need is to place a cylinder on your table through which the keyboard is projected onto any surface. Thanks to several sensors that recognize the fact of pressing a key, the gadget works perfectly, without lagging. It also connects to any electronic device using Bluetooth.

9. Instagram Camera

This is a great gift for people who love social networks. Thanks to this camera, a girl can not only take pictures, process, and share cool photos in her social networks via a smartphone or a tablet but also instantly print a picture and hang it on a fridge or gift it to a friend.

10. Smart Ring

If your girlfriend already has a smartwatch, then it’s not a valid reason to avoid this one. This gadget will not leave anyone indifferent. Externally, the ring looks very concise, but it has the same functionality as any smartwatch on the market. Here’s a neat little feature – a microphone is built into the ring, but there is no speaker. A conversation is transmitted by using bone sound conduction technology. You just have to press a finger with a ring on it to your ear cartilage, and you will hear your interlocutor.

11. Electric Heater

Your girlfriend will surely appreciate this gift. If you love to spend your time outside of a city, and there is no central supply of hot water, and you don’t have a boiler with you, then this gadget will come to the rescue. This gadget heats water up to 50 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer recommends getting a simple filter alongside this device, since large debris in the water supply system may adversely affect this device’s performance.

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