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Cooking Crush: Grip Those Patties And Start Frying With Cooking Games 2021

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Hey there, how have you all been? Welcome back, I hope you will all enjoy yet another exciting recommendation I have in store for you. Today, I will be sharing something that is close to all of our hearts. That is right – food. Today’s restaurant games are all about food.

The Food Theory

Food doesn’t just magically appear on our tables, we must first cook it. Sure, you can always order it from your favorite restaurant but even the restaurants have to cook it first. So, in order for you to get a closer look into the culinary world, I present to you, Cooking Crush.

Cooking Crush

Cooking Crush is a phenomenal game that will knock your gloves off. It has been published by the famous and popular Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated. They do not need an introduction and their top of the notch games speak on their behalf. They have been publishing great games since 2014. Cooking games are their forte and with this recent installment, they have really made their mark.

A Game For Everyone

The co-founders of Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. wanted to give those of us who were not very familiar with cooking, a chance to explore the kitchen and learn the basics of cooking. However, you must not be fooled. This game is not only for novices, cooking enthusiasts and even gurus can also have a great time playing Cooking Crush.

Heartopia’s Hearty Chef

In this cooking game, the player will find themselves located in the fictional city of Heartopia. Your position as a seasoned chef compels you to be performing tasks inside the kitchen of a famous restaurant. You, with your expertise, are running the entire restaurant. From taking the orders to cooking and serving them, it is all in your hands. Do not be overwhelmed, you are perfectly capable of performing each and every task.

Practice Makes Perfect

To help you learn the ropes, you will be guided in the first level. Once you start performing like a well-oiled machine, you will realize your true potential as a chef. It does not matter whether you are familiar with kitchen basics or not, you will be able to get the hang of it without much difficulty.

Can You Handle The Heat?

However, the levels increase in hardness as you go up. In the starting levels, your customers may order a single item from the menu but later, they might order combos (a combination of two or more items from the menu). In order to finish their orders within the required time, you will have to act fast. These sorts of challenges will train you to have better time management skills.

Cook, Cook, Cook!

Cooking Crush has unlimited levels to satisfy your boredom in this quarantine. Once you are finished with levels inside a specific restaurant, you will be promoted to cook in another restaurant with brand new items and dishes. You have a chance to play more than 1000 levels and cook in 11 different restaurants:

    • Creme Cafe
    • Dream Deli
    • Salty Taverna
    • Party Parlor
    • Rockin’ Diner
    • Crazy Cantina
    • Donut Den
    • Tandoori Treasure
    • Perfect Pie
    • Cake Corner
    • Canadian Restaurant

Community Goals

  • The co-founders of Flowmotion, Ryan Yada, and Dario Pavan, want to strive to make this world a better place to live in. Hence, they have started a plan to feed as many hungry children as they can. These children, who do not have the means to have access to fresh, nutritious food, deserve to be fed just like the rest. Dario and Ryan have been secretly donating a portion of the revenue from their kitchen games to the Canadian charity, Backpack Buddies, for years. So far, they have donated enough to serve more than 45,000 meals!
  • The more you play, the more they will be able to donate. To download Cooking Crush, follow the links below:



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