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How To Control Netflix On PS4 With iPhone & iPad App

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Netflix is your best legal option* for streaming the best movies in HD across multiple devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, and a PS4, we will show how to connect the two together, allowing you to control Netflix on PS4 with iPhone!

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The PlayStation 4 is going to be my next generation console of choice. Almost everything gaming-related that the Xbox One offers, the PlayStation 4 does it better. Whether it is the hardware capability, hardware design, the potential of exclusives, or online subscriptions; the PlayStation 4 just does it better. Sure, the Xbox One is a better general media device, but the PS4 is no slouch. You can watch Netflix or Hulu Plus, for example.

Mentioning Netflix allows me to naturally segue into our topic for this blog post which is how can one control Netflix on PS4 with iPhone, or the iPad.

Netflix for iPhone and iPad comes with a Chromecast-like option to transfer whichever movie you are watching on your mobile device to your PlayStation 4. This way, if you were watching a movie or TV show on your mobile device downstairs, you can switch back to your main, PS4-connected bedroom TV to complete the movie there.

Getting this to work is rather simple:

  1. Ensure you have Netflix installed on both your iOS device, and PlayStation 4
  2. Ensure that both your iOS device and your PS4 are connected to the same WiFi connection
  3. Start a movie or TV show episode on your Netflix app for iPhone or iPad
  4. Launch the Netflix app on your PlayStation 4
  5. In the Netflix app on iOS, you will see an icon similar to this in the bottom-right corner:control netflix on ps4 with iphone
  6. Tap on it, and select PlayStation 4

That’s it! Now the same movie or TV show episode will be playing on your PlayStation 4. This is how you control Netflix on PS4 with iPhone. You can now use your iOS device to control playback, thus avoiding the use of the DualShock 4 which is hardly suitable for the task. Plus you get to save battery life for the DualShock 4 which is always great.

*For a shady and a possibly illegal option, check out MovieBox 3.2.

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