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Complete Guide to WMI Provider Host Issues

Guide to WMI Provider Host Issues, wmi provider host, windows management instrumentation

WMI Windows Management Instrumentation

Long gone are those days when we knew about a world that does not have windows. Since the time the millennials have opened their eyes, they know what windows is and this particular thing that we are going to discuss about has an interesting output of whether your windows are working appropriately or not. WMI is the short form of Windows Management Instrumentation.

WMI Provider Host is very crucial for the process for Windows. It is not working on the front end but the background ideally and therefore it forms the backbone of your Windows operating system. This system will function properly only if this process keeps running at the desired speed.

All other applications on the computer need to be connected to each other in terms of information sharing and this application WMI Provider Host makes sure that this particular function is carried out smoothly wherein different applications has access to the information in other applications. It actually takes out the information and passes it as per requirement.

Potential Issues

Generally, when your computer operation is healthy the WMI will not consume much space and resources of your system. However, most of the times it is seen that the WMI host consumes quite a lot of resources of the system and this actually causes the CPU to get heated up making the system not as smooth as it is supposed to be.

The Windows Management Instrumentation is a part of your windows system that will help you communicate with the different programs that function in the system itself. You do not get any of the information until requested and therefore it is very important for companies and management to use it to have connectivity between different PCs that they utilize in their organizations. Not only this, but the WMI Provider Host also gives you information about the situation of the PC that you are using currently. Whether is it in good health or it requires some technical check-up.

As mentioned earlier most of the times, the WMI Provider Host is not supposed to use many resources on your system. Nevertheless, if this is happening then this is something that has to be checked and understood. Why is WMI using up so much of the resources of your system?

When so much of your space is being used by WMI then this may cause some issues slowing the CPU and sometimes the system. Thus, the first thing that will happen is that the programs will not be responsive and this will cause an issue, making it an abrupt one that is not desired at all. When you plan to start new programs, it will be difficult for you to do so because of the ever-growing slow growth of programs on your computer. Your CPU will become warm then hot eventually.

One more thing that is definitely prone to happen is that your computer is lagging when you are trying to use an application on your computer. In the world where technology is advancing this kind of slow processing is definitely irritating and it ends up utilizing much of your efforts and wasting your precious time as well.

If you are facing this sort of problem with WMI Provider Host then here is the quick guide to resolve the issue immediately. If you have noticed that your CPU is causing all these issues and is becoming unresponsive eventually then this fix can help you solve your problems and get your computer’s effectiveness back.


In order to get the WMI Provider Host to work properly, thus making your system to work smoothly and efficiently, there are various steps that we can try. The first method is an extremely simple step and that too the one that helps to solve the problem most of the times. Just restart your system and you will see that your problem has been solved. When you started afresh then anything, which is making the WMI work slowly, particularly if it is a temporary situation, is resolved. This temporary issue being resolved helps cheer up your computer and make it work efficiently, with all the resources intact. 

 If this works then your problem is solved quite easily and efficiently. Your system will again become faster but if in case this does not work then the next idea is to make your dialogue box run. You only need to click the button, Start and then you have to type the word Run and this makes your dialogue box run. When you have a pop-up coming you need to hit the button, Enter. This makes it easy for the system to evaluate the problem, work on it, and post this you have to find WMI Provider Host. To do this you can just click W and soon this options appears. With this done, you need to restart your computer. 

Doing this can help you to save your computer from its lagging and run smoothly once again. Since WMI Provider Host is extremely crucial for the overall health of your computer as well as your computer parts like the hard drive or other software in the system, it’s useful to check up on it once in a while and quickly resolve the issues for a better experience on your computer.

If you are keen to understand more about the provider host, then get additional reading on WMI Provider Host.

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