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Compare Apple Watch Sizes With Official App

Apple Watch Compare Sizes

Now that the Apple Watch is finally here (launching April 24th) people are dying to know what it would look like on their wrists. With every product the curiosity is there about the features of it but recently, and specially in the case of Apple Watch being a wearable, equal focus is on the aesthetics of the gadget. Last year before the new iPhones came out someone printed the images of the phones to give an idea about their size to the wondering public. It seems there is a way to do something like that with the Apple Watch. Learn how to compare Apple Watch sizes with the official iOS 8.1

Apple Watch Compare Sizes

By now almost everyone would know that the Apple Watch is going to be available in two sizes; the 38 mm and the 42 mm. We have already given our loyal audience a comparison between the 38 mm and the 42 mm Apple Watch but those were just ‘mockups’. Today we will tell you about a great way compare Apple Watch sizes by visualizing what it would be like to have either of the models on your wrists.

This great tool has been included by Apple themselves in their new Apple Watch app that has rolled out with the iOS 8.2. If you havent’t updated to iOS 8.2 learn how to here. The app has both models of the watch at their actual sizes and it scales these images according to the screen of the device you have in your hand. It gets to know which iPhone you own and then sets the image accordingly.

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If you want to view the watches go to the Apple Store app [iTunes Link] and tap on ‘Learn More’ near the Apple Watch banner. Then go to ‘View Pricing’ by tapping the button on the top right corner. Lastly tap ‘Compare case sizes’ and you will be able to view both of the watches. You can put your phone on your wrist to ‘simulate’ the watch and decide which one to get.

This might save you a trip to the Apple Store to compare the watches and it is a great way to see the 18k gold edition on your wrist as well. But before you make up your mind do look at the real thing at your nearest Apple Store.

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