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Compact Portable Projectors and What You Can Do With Them

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Projector technology has come a long way from those days when they projected educational films in schools that bored us all to tears. These days they can project a lot more than boring school stuff and they can do so with stunning images.

There are all kinds of projectors to choose from as well, with monikers like DLP, LCD, portable, short throw, long throw, ultra-portable and more. You can learn a bit about some of them at Gadgetreview. The portable devices are the best because they are so versatile, allowing you to do many things with them and take them with you anywhere. Check out some of these creative and fun things that you can do with portable projectors.

Projector technology, Projector, Projectors, portable projectors, Projector technology

Create fun holiday scenes

Here is a fun use of projectors. You can use projectors to create some very cool scenes for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Project a giant Santa scene on that building across the street. Or even your own house. And during Halloween, there’s nothing scarier than projecting a ghostly apparition onto one of your windows so it looks like your house is haunted.

Imagine projecting digital snowflakes or a yule log fireplace across your walls as you open gifts on Christmas morning.



Use it to paint a mural

No matter what your artistic talent, a projector will help you create beautiful murals. Just create a black and white version of a high-contrast image and project it on a wall. Then all you have to do is trace over the lines of the projected image and fill in the mural using paint. And just like that, you are a Picasso.

The ultimate gaming get-together

Connecting your projector to your game console or PC allows you to have a truly huge gaming experience. Invite some friends and enjoy the action. Even if you don’t have a dedicated game room, portable projectors allow you to have the experience wherever you want.

Transform your pool into an ocean

Imagine having a pool party during the summer. There’s nothing better. But what do you do when the sun goes down? That’s when things get interesting. Use a projector to transform your pool into an ocean by projecting images of tropical fish, dolphins, coral reefs, and more. With the right soundtrack, you can create an amazing tranquil atmosphere.

Take movie night to new heights

When it comes to movies, it doesn’t get better than watching them on a projector. It’s the next best thing to a theater. You can enjoy your huge image indoors or out. Get on the roof and watch movies on the building across the way, or sit in the backyard and project the image against your house while you enjoy a lovely summer night. The possibilities are endless.

Business on the go

These projectors aren’t just for entertainment. You can use them to give a business presentation anywhere as well. In the office, in a hotel, anywhere. You and your coworkers can stay informed and up to date no matter where you are.

Storytime just went high tech

When you sit your kids down and read them a story, it is a very special time. These days there are hundreds of storybooks available for computer and tablet users. Add your projector to the mix and you can take story time to a new level for your little ones. Just project the story onto the wall and watch your kid’s eyes light up.


Those of you who homeschool your kids will love using your projector as a tool for teaching. Your kids will love learning the alphabet, words, numbers, and more on a projector. You can project the lesson onto a whiteboard.

You are only limited by your imagination. There are so many cool ways to use projectors and all of them are fun. As technology improves, they will only get better and be more fun.

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