ColorWare Customized AirPods in 58 New Colors


Customized AirPods

Apple launched the amazing AirPods last year in only one available color option. The standard white is a popular color but users have requested a wider range of options such as Jet Black. A third party aftermarket customizing company known as ColorWare, has launched AirPods customization with 58 different color options.

ColorWare Customization Options

ColorWare publicized the new offering on Twitter. They added that this was a quite challenging process. The new service is available on the ColorWare website.

The company allows consumers to modify the color of each component of the wireless headphones. This includes the right and left earpieces along with the dental-floss-like casing. Each earpiece can have a different color as the user decides. Additionally, glossy and matte finishes can be selected. The color range is quite vast with colors ranging from Jet Black to pink. Red, orange, green, blue, gray are just some of the available options. Lastly, the user can choose between solid or metallic colors.

Likewise, users can stylize the casing of the AirPods but this comes with a larger price tag. The brand offers matching colors for the whole set. Users also have the option of having different colors for all the 3 pieces.

Pricing And Availability

ColorWare announced that the customization begins at $289. This has only the custom earpieces and not the casing, which will cost an extra 30$. At this point, the prices are including the actual AirPods. It is unclear if users will be able to ship their own AirPods for the customization. This feature is offered by the company for other products. The custom pair of AirPods is on sale on the ColorWare website right now. Unfortunately, the shipping time could go up to six weeks at the beginning. The company has a history of color customizing products and accessories. Customer satisfaction has become very high over the years.

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